WWE Raw numbers hurt by third hour collapse, second lowest 18-49 figure

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/11/09/wwe-raw-numbers-hurt-by-third-hour-collapse-second-lowest-18-49-figure/

WWE Raw experienced a third-hour collapse on Monday night leading to one of the show’s lowest viewership figures.

The November 8th edition of the program averaged 1,549,000 viewers and approximately 526,000 (0.40) in the 18-49 demographic, per Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics and Showbuzz Daily.

The figures translate to the third-lowest overall viewership among the public data for Raw and only topping episodes from December 14, 2020 (1,527,000), and July 5, 2021 (1,472,000).

The 18-49 number would be the second-lowest among the available data for Raw, only topping the 0.39 mark set three weeks ago for the October 18th episode.

The low figures are a result of the third-hour dropping dramatically.

The show opened with 1,654,000 viewers and 0.44 in the 18-49 demo and stayed steady in the second hour with 1,621,000 viewers and 0.43 in the demo.

In the third hour, it plunged to 1,373,000 viewers and 0.34 in 18-49 representing a decline of 17 percent in viewers and 23 percent in 18-49 throughout the program.

Throughout the show, Females 12-34 dropped by 39 percent, Females 18-49 fell by 30 percent, and Adults 18-34 decreased 24 percent as the major losses throughout the three-hour show.

Compared to last week, viewership dropped 8 percent overall and experienced a 14 percent decline in 18-49. Other notable decreases saw Adults 18-34 and Females 12-34 down 27 percent this week and Females 18-49 falling by 19.5 percent.

The show was built around the main event between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens that took up the final half-hour of the show ending with a count-out victory for Rollins and Owens attacking Big E. to end the show.

Monday Night Football had a big game between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers that averaged 12,103,000 viewers and 3.45 in the 18-49 demo and 4.85 in Males 18-49. It was the fourth-highest Monday Night Football game of the season in terms of overall viewership.

In Canada, WWE Raw averaged approximately 159,000 viewers on Sportsnet 360 and was up 10 percent from the week prior.

Here is a breakdown of the key demos from Showbuzz Daily with the comparison to last week’s figures and how the show fared throughout the three hours:

ADULTS 18-49

This week: 0.40 (-14 percent from last week)
Hour 1-3: -23 percent


This week: 0.33 (-19.5 percent)
Hour 1-3: -30 percent

MALES 18-49

This week: 0.48 (-11 percent)
Hour 1-3: -16 percent

ADULTS 18-34

This week: 0.22 (-27 percent)
Hour 1-3: -24 percent


This week: 0.19 (-27 percent)
Hour 1-3: -39 percent

MALES 12-34

This week: 0.22 (-12 percent)
Hour 1-3: -9 percent

ADULTS 25-54

This week: 0.54 (-11.5 percent)
Hour 1-3: -16 percent


This week: 0.83 (-2 percent)
Hour 1-3: -13 percent

How to advertisers look at Raw when it comes to the rating? Do they look at each hour individually? Or do they look at it as a whole? I’m curious if poor third hours hurt the ad rates for hour 1 and 2, or does it just hurt the ad rates for hour 3?