WWE Raw posts big numbers in U.S. & Canada, largest since night after WrestleMania

Originally published at WWE Raw posts big numbers in U.S. & Canada

WWE Raw reached its largest audience since the night after WrestleMania 39 in both the United States and Canada this week.

The June 26 episode from Savannah averaged 1,973,000 viewers and approximately 794,000 (0.61) in the 18-49 demographic and ranked #2 among cable originals on Monday. (Showbuzz Daily and Wrestlenomics)

The show averaged 2,074,000 viewers and 0.62 in the 18-49 demographic for the first hour of the show and continued with 2,043,000 and 0.63 in the second hour. It was the first time since April 3 that any hour of Raw topped two million viewers. The final hour of the show averaged 1,803,000 and 0.57 in the demo and was the highest third hour of Raw since April 3.

Raw ranked second among cable originals in the U.S. behind the College World Series on ESPN that averaged 3,428,000 and 0.85 in the demo.

Overall viewership was up by 8% this week with the key demo rising by 9% leading to the show’s highest numbers in those categories since April 3, 2023, the night after WrestleMania 39.

In the 18-49 demo, female viewership grew by 11% with males increasing by 8%. It was the largest female audience in the demo since April 3 and the largest male audience since April 10.

There was a major 25% increase among adults 18-34 this week and was all due to the male viewership in the demo growing 42% from last week’s number to offset a 1% decline among women in this demo.

Adults 35-49 were only up by 1% and impacted by women growing 21% but males falling by 9%.

Adults 50+ grew from 0.80 to 0.87 this week.

The success was mirrored in Canada with Raw averaging 285,200 viewers and 120,000 in the 25-54 demographic on Sportsnet 360 and was also the most-watched Raw since the night after WrestleMania 39.

WWE Raw ranked first among all sports programs in the country on Monday and topped the NHL Awards on Sportsnet, which finished second. Even more impressive, in the 25-54 demo, Raw ranked sixth among all programs in Canada behind four news shows and American Ninja Warrior.

The only match advertised in advance was Ronda Rousey vs. Raquel Rodriguez along with a Women’s Money in the Bank Summit as the major segment. The show was headlined by Cody Rhodes taking on Damian Priest, which was announced during the first hour.

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This is another example of Cody not being hurt by WrestleMania 39 finish, and Cody being A1 star of WWE besides Roman(special appearances).
The show was bookend by Cody (credit to Judgement Day, and the crowd itself) with Cody being strong enough connection to keep people throughout all 3 hours.

Bookending a show is what WWE fell in love with back in 2000 with The Rock:
1st: The Rock would come out, insult the heels
2nd: Heels would agree to a match against The Rock in the Main Event of RAW
3rd: The Rock backstage Pre-Match promo with Cole or Coach
4th: The Rock in the Main Event

WWE did the same routine with Cena, but with the 3 hours it doesn’t click the same.
With Stone Cold vs McMahon feud there was developments all throughout the 2 hours.

I prefer to give each Hour of RAW it’s own flavor, with bookend hour being hour 3.

AEW Collision could use some bookending, at least with the first 10 weeks with Punk opening+ setting up that episode’s Main Event match.

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Agreed. Some fans are trying to push the false narrative that Cody was squashed and that Cody was not booked well because he lost one match. The guy lost to a 3 year running dominant champion by nefarious means after having a great match. If there was ever a way to loose where you arent hurt, its like that. Anyone who actually watches can tell that Cody is just as over as he ever was.

Cody needs to win the title at some point, and ideally he beats Roman at some point, but he is definitely the #2 guy in the company which is still much higher then where he would have been in AEW. To be clear, that is not a knock on AEW or the way AEW booked Cody, its highlighting the fact that when guys jump ship its usually good for their careers as it freshens things up.