WWE Raw tops two million viewers, posts best numbers since April

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Coming out of WWE SummerSlam, Monday’s episode of Raw had its best performance since April as it topped two million viewers and drove up the demographic rating.

Going against the NBA playoffs and the first night of the Republican Convention, WWE Raw had its best ratings since the night after WrestleMania 36 in April. The show averaged 2,028,000 viewers and a much-improved 0.67 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

Viewership increased by 23 percent and the 18-49 rating was up 39.5 percent from last week’s averages.

The first hour attracted 2.14 million viewers before dropping 4 percent in the second hour to 2.045 million viewers with the third hour falling by 7 percent to 1.90 million viewers. All three hours hit their highest marks since the April 6th edition of Raw.

There are probably several factors to attribute the number to with SummerSlam occurring the night prior, the first episode of Raw with the ThunderDome, and the return of Roman Reigns. The Reigns return was the most newsworthy aspect to SummerSlam but it was made clear early that Reigns wasn’t showing up until Friday Night SmackDown.

The third hour was loaded to feature Rey Mysterio teaming with son Dominik for the first time in Rey’s first match since the injury angle, the first-time match between Randy Orton and Keith Lee, and a Lumberjack Match between Asuka and Sasha Banks for the Raw women’s title.

Raw went against two NBA playoff games with the Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat game doing 1,732,000 viewers on TNT. The first hour of Raw topped this game in the 18-49 demo. The L.A. Lakers vs. Portland game began at 9:14 pm Eastern and was the top show on cable Monday with 2,979,000 viewers and a 1.34 demo rating.

The first night of the Republican Convention attracted 15.85 million viewers spread across the network and cable outlets beginning at 10 pm Eastern. There was also significant cable news coverage preceding the convention speeches.

Raw increased in double digits across all its key demographics led by males 18-49 improving by 40 percent, women 18-49 up by 39 percent, and the key 18-49 demo increasing by 39.5 percent. It was a huge week across the board coming off a low number last week.

In the third hour, they also experienced double-digit decreases in all categories led my adults 18-34 down 22 percent, and females 12-34 dropping by 20 percent.

This was a strong week for WWE Raw and will be notable how well this holds up next week and an obvious novelty to the ThunderDome that has drawn strong numbers in its first two television presentations.

Here is a breakdown of the key demographics:

ADULTS 18-49
This week: 0.67 (+ 39.5 percent)
Hour 1-3: -14 percent

This week: 0.46 (+39 percent)
Hour 1-3: -12 percent

MALES 18-49

This week: 0.88 (+40 percent)
Hour 1-3: -13.5 percent

ADULTS 18-34
This week: 0.33 (+18 percent)
Hour 1-3: -22 percent

This week: 0.22 (+16 percent)
Hour 1-3: -20 percent

MALES 12-34
This week: 0.39 (+15 percent)
Hour 1-3: -16 percent

ADULTS 25-54
This week: 0.82 (+37 percent)
Hour 1-3: -16 percent

This week: 0.92 (+15 percent)
Hour 1-3: -11.5 percent

These numbers are SICK.

Not surprised at all, shows at the performance center were just so hard to watch. I know many dismissed this as a reason for the decline, but I really do think the change in scenery makes a difference to most.

Its all thanks to The Big Dog. The one huge star WWE has left is the big draw.

He wasn’t on raw, and he wasn’t advertised to be on Raw. Why would he have anything to do with the Raw rating? Maybe it was Keith Lee? :wink:

I dont know what show you watched, but I saw him shown many times during the show. Just showing his photo brings the ratings.

I’m not sure if Lee has that much drawing power yet, but maybe him being all over the show did it. :wink:

Roman Reigns absolutely had something to do with the number. He was the biggest story coming out of Summerslam, so more people tuned in to Raw the following night.

An extreme example, but Hulk Hogan wasn’t on the Nitro the day after he turned heel in 1996. Does that mean nobody watched the show because of him?

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Its bit different though, there was no brand split back in 1996. I get that the brand split in 2020 is a loose split and anyone can show up anywhere, but considering he returned to attack The Fiend and Strowman, I personally didnt anticipate him showing up on Raw at all.

With that said, I’m sure some people didnt think that way so cant say it had no effect.

Maybe it was Retribution and Raw Underground…?

Probably not.

The reason for the ratings this week seems really simple. It was the first raw with the thunderdome.


I think I’m in the minority.

Perform center, while not great, was better than the thunderdome or whatever to me.

The fans on screens remind me of the crowd graphics for an old WWE game on the psp.

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Hey…I always say this, wrestling is subjective. There is no right or wrong, we like what we like.

I will say this, I thought the performance center worked for good “wrestling” matches. I loved Bryan vs AJ on SD a month or so back. A lot of aspects in wrestling are crowd dependent (think Goldberg), that was tough to pull off in the PC.

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