WWE Raw TV-14, Rita Chatterton, POST Summer Schedule | POST News 7/15

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Before POST Daily News goes on hiatus next week, John Pollock & Wai Ting return for a double-sized finale discussing the latest on the WWE Raw/TV-14 story, Rita Chatterton’s comments about NY Mag’s article, a preview of this weekend’s G1 matches, and upcoming changes to POST’s summer schedule.

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AEW could improve their numbers with Women and younger audiences if they use their women’s division for more than a single dead air segment spammed with commercials, but they seem content with letting women languish is terrible spots and constant underrepresentation in their product.

The only way this gets reviewed well is if his writing partner can quell those old, entitled wealthy male tendencies that ooze out of Bischoff as of late. Because Eric Bischoff has become a Cornette-like figure coming across like Grandpa Simpson shouting at clouds about the Wrasslin’.

He’s less sympathetic a figure by the day.

RAW becoming TV-14 doesn’t change the quality of the show… It just means Vince McMahon has more latitude to add more swearing, more violence and potentially more publicly problematic if he starts to make something more sexist and exploitive.

That would be in very poor taste and would read like an old white man doubling down on his entitlement, and perversion and possibly suggesting that more women would be at-risk in the RAW production environment. But, one thing we know with all certainty about Vince McMahon, is that subtext is still a mystery to that man.

Re: SmackDown

I keep up with RAW and SmackDown through your podcasts and writing on the shows… I bet, the special guest referee for the Usos vs. Street Profits match at SummerSlam will be Sammy Zayn, with the suggestion that Paul Heyman used his “Stroke” to get it done.

I haven’t watched an episode of SmackDown since Roman Reigns changed his music and I wanted to hear the new track. Before that, I think NXT’s SmackDown invasion when Adam Cole went over Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan).

If I’m right about this… Then WWE has some very, very, very big issues with their creativity and booking.

Re: Rampage

Rampage seems to not have much importance to it, seeing that the show doesn’t have a lot on offer again, means that I’ll likely not watch it until later. I wish some of the filler they book on Rampage could be in the death spot they book women in on Dynamite. And then move one or two good segments from Dynamite to Rampage. And of course, give women more than a single dead air segment on each show.