WWE releases their top 10 matches of 2019

So I saw this come up on my face book feed, and I think they left some out and ranked a few poorly, but overall not too bad.

10.)Seth vs Brock at Summer Slam
9.) Becky vs Rhonda vs Charlotte at Mania
8.) Men’s Elimination Chamber
7.)Walter Vs Dunne from takeover Brooklyn
6.) Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
5.) Sasha Vs Rhonda
4.) Seth vs AJ from Money in the Bank
3.) Gargano vs Cole from Takeover Brooklyn
2.) Becky vs Sasha in HITC
1.) Kofi vs Bryan from Mania.

They obviously left NXT UK shows out entirely, and ranked the main roster women too highly, especially the mania main event. Candice vs Io was a better match than any of these women’s matches , and Women’s Wargames was also better than most of them. (Assuming those is only PPV matches, Shayna vs Rhea was better than several here as well.). But they clearly wanted a Becky match near the top, that HITC match was good but it isn’t a top 5 match, and not better than Gargano v Cole

I think given the ending the Ladder match should also not be on this list.

I get the Kofi at number one because it wasn’t the best in ring match but story telling and as a moment it is easily the best. Watching it again makes me realize just how bad they booked the end of his run against Lesner.

I take it that it was decided that it’d be unfair to consider Walter vs. Tyler Bate for this list?

As I said they did not include any UK shows. The only UK match here was on a US Takeover.