WWE reports Shane McMahon will require surgery, recovering from acute diverticulitis

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/03/26/wwe-reports-shane-mcmahon-will-require-surgery-recovering-from-acute-diverticulitis/

The WWE announced on Monday afternoon that Shane McMahon has been hospitalized due acute diverticulitis and an umbilical hernia.

The article on the WWE’s website states that McMahon was on vacation in the Caribbean with his family and developed “a massive infection due to acute diverticulitis and was hospitalized for several days in Antigua before being flown back to a New York-area hospital”.

An umbilical hernia is going to require surgery once the infection is taken care of.

If the idea was to tease that Shane would miss WrestleMania, they would not make up an illness and instead credit the attack by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, so I feel most would assume this is legitimate.

Given that Shane will require surgery, it would seem nearly unlikely that he would be able to work WrestleMania in less than two-weeks.

What’s the alternative? A handicap match? Is there anyone from nxt that can come up and tag with Bryan?

This is rough for Shane, especially so close to Mania.

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Shane’s looked awful lately. Red face, sweating instantly, and those weird bumps by his temples. Glad they caught this before he actually got in the ring.

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That’s a scary situation and I can only imagine what flying that sick must be like, I hope he gets better.

I don’t feel as bad for Shane missing Mania, he’s not a worker who hasn’t gotten a spot before. How bout Bryan recruits an old friend to help him take on KO and Sami - Samoa Joe! There’s a guy i hope is healthy and finally gets a spot on the card. Otherwise a 3 way.

Hope Shane’s okay

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Samoa Joe was on the tip of my tongue. That would be awesome!

He’s back for the Mid East Show so he may be healthy. Salivating at Bryan/Joe v Owens/Zayn

Bryan should just hire that El Generico kid he used to hang with.

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Shame that Shane is ill and this story is hurt by it but there’s no avoiding it and it’s better that he’ll heal up. I think Bryan picking someone off the roster automatically makes the match better, Shane may be part of the story but this match will have enough eyes on it with it being Bryan’s official first match back and will be improved by having a good worker put in,