WWE SmackDown 6/9/23 Review | REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN

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Wai Ting & Kate From MTL review WWE SmackDown as Jey Uso chooses between his twin brother Jimmy and Roman Reigns.

Plus, Asuka gets presented with a new UNDISPUTED championship, the WWE & NXT Women’s Tag Titles are about to be unified, and MITB qualifiers featuring Bayley, Santos Escobar and IYO SKY.


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Jermaine from Chicago. Before I get in to smackdown I wanted to say injuries suck. It’s every indication that Sasha/Mercedes would have been at forbidden door but the upside is when she gets healthy we know we will finally see her on aew tv. She should really be the female face of collision in my opinion. Ok smackdown it’s something I observed. Charlotte never works he way up the card. She could be gone for a yr and comeback and get a tittle shot the same night. So hunter has the time to come out twice for the male champions but not for the women’s champion? Why does the main roster always makes the nxt tittle look like a joke? Barron Corbin who wasn’t even good enough to get drafted, lose in 10 seconds to a undercard Cameron grimes who couldn’t sniff the title but now somehow has a program with the nxt champion? It makes no sense. I would kindly pay double to hear you and Kate talk wrestling have a great weekend

Bron vs seth should be an amazing match whenever it becomes official. I think bron has the best spear currently in wwe.
John hennigan and willie mack had a great match for the mlw national openweight championship.

Killer kelly vs masha slamovich in a dog collar match at tonight’s against all odds could have used a bit more time in my opinion.

After his performance against rey fenix on roh I hope tony signs gravity and we see him and his brother bandido challenge the lucha bros.
Congrats to chros sabin on winning his 9th x division title and alex shelly on becoming impact world champion

Hope you are keeping yourselves safe