WWE Speed to launch this spring on X

Originally published at WWE Speed to launch this spring on X

During Thursday’s WrestleMania XL kickoff event, it was announced that WWE was launching a new program on X.

WWE Speed is set to premiere this spring on the social platform featuring fast-paced matches with a maximum duration of five minutes.

The Hollywood Reporter shared additional details that the program will be broadcast weekly.

WWE Speed, given its weekly cadence and short run time, is a smaller deal than those long-form programs (Raw, SmackDown & NXT), but it does suggest a willingness by the WWE to slice and slice rights and to look for new ways to add rights revenue since Endeavor acquired a controlling stake.

Last December, WWE taped several matches for the project before a live edition of Friday Night SmackDown and featured a countdown clock for the fans to follow along with.

In the 90’s, the WWF introduced ICO PRO!
In 2024. The WWE introduces… SPEED!

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