WWE SummerSlam 2019: Seth Rollins wins the Universal title

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Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of WWE SummerSlam from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

Wai Ting and I will be LIVE with our SummerSlam POST Show immediately after the show, which you can watch and listen live to if you’re a Double Double, Iced Capp, or Espresso member of the POST Wrestling Café. The podcast version will be up Monday morning for everyone.

They have added Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics for the women’s tag titles and Buddy Murphy vs. Apollo Crews to the show, which will air on the kickoff show along with Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan for the Cruiserweight title.

*Drew Gulak over Oney Lorcan in 8:47 to retain the Cruiserweight title
*Buddy Murphy over Apollo Crews by DQ at 4:42
*Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross over The IIconics to retain the women’s tag titles 6:09
*Becky Lynch over Natalya in 12:23 in a Submission match to retain the Raw women’s title
*Bill Goldberg over Dolph Ziggler in 1:45
*AJ Styles over Ricochet in 12:54 to retain the United States title
*Bayley over Ember Moon in 10:02 to retain the SmackDown women’s title
*Kevin Owens over Shane McMahon in 9:21
*Charlotte Flair over Trish Stratus in 16:38
*Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton went to a double count-out in 16:27
*Bray Wyatt over Finn Balor in 3:28
*Seth Rollins over Brock Lesnar in 13:20 to win the Universal title

Jonathan Coachman is hosting the panel with David Otunga, Charly Caruso, and Beth Phoenix with JBL & Sam Roberts ringside previewing the show.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Charlotte Flair with Flair stating that Stratus is out of her element and that her generation ushered in the women’s evolution.

Mick Foley was part of the panel and gave an excellent explanation on how the mandible claw works and how Bray Wyatt has mastered it.

Kevin Owens was interviewed and said Shane McMahon has no integrity or pride and that’s why his career isn’t on the line. He just wanted to get McMahon in the ring and that’s why he is risking his career. JBL added that Owens should ask Jim Crockett and Ted Turner what it’s like to fight a McMahon.

Finn Balor was approached by The OC in the locker room and offer their help against Bray Wyatt, but Balor doesn’t ask for it.


They started off grappling and working for positional control. Gulak applied the Gulock as Lorcan got his foot onto the rope.

They traded open palm strikes and Gulak smacking him from behind. Lorcan reversed the Gulock by rolling on top. Lorcan hit a huge open palm strike and fired back against Gulak.

Gulak pulled at the ring skirt, as the referee tended to it, Gulak struck Lorcan in the throat and hit the Cyclone Crash for the win.

WINNER: Drew Gulak at 8:47 to retain the Cruiserweight title

They did the best with their time in front of a crowd that was silent. It was short but perfectly acceptable opener and a different style than we’re probably going to see tonight.


They traded strikes with Murphy landing a flying knee, but Crews stopped Murphy’s Law. Crews attempted a moonsault off the apron, but Murphy avoided it and sent Crews into the steps. Murphy hit a tope con giro and then Rowan ran down and attacked Murphy for the disqualification.

WINNER: Buddy Murphy by DQ at 4:42

They were having a decent match, but it never got going and had the bad finish with the run-in. This was designed to be a spotlight for Rowan than Murphy having a strong match. Rowan powerbombed Murphy into the post and told him to keep his name out of his mouth as Daniel Bryan watched backstage.

Elias was in the ring, he played a song insulting Toronto about not having a Stanley Cup, the empty Blue Jay’s games, and Kawhi Leonard. Edge’s music hit and he came out to a massive ovation, he was in the ring and then hit Elias with a spear. This segment got over strong.


Bliss had a Buzz Lightyear outfit on. The IIconics had the advantage of Cross during the first portion of the match. Bliss was in and sent Royce to the floor, was hit with a boot from Kay and Cross saved.

Cross took Kay to the floor with a rear-naked choke as Royce used a Gori Special on Bliss, who kicked out and hit Royce with a right hand. Bliss hit Twisted Bliss and pinned Royce.

WINNER: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross at 6:09 to retain the women’s tag titles

This was just there and didn’t seem to have the audience’s interest but provided plenty of ‘Toy Story’ jokes from Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

We have heard from lots of people having streaming issues with the WWE Network.


Lynch came out first and received a strong reaction, as did Natalya.

They said there are no countouts or disqualifications in this match.

Natalya started attacking Lynch’s left knee. She snapped it on the rope, sent Lynch into the post and applied the sharpshooter while sitting on the top turnbuckle, which was a great visual. After getting out of the hold, Lynch sent Natalya into the steps as she recovered. Natalya came back with a superplex.

Lynch applied the sharpshooter onto Natalya, who broke free by sending Lynch into the turnbuckle. Then, Natalya applied the Disarmer and then got the sharpshooter applied and Lynch countered to get the Disarmer applied and Natalya finally tapped.

WINNER: Becky Lynch at 12:23 to retain the Raw women’s title

The entire match was centered around the stipulation and they worked out several great spots, I thought the match worked and the audience had their moments where they got behind both. This was one of Lynch’s best matches since WrestleMania.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Trish Stratus, stating she thrives under pressure and it’s been hard to wait for the match. She said Charlotte Flair doesn’t know how lucky she is and will show her tonight. Charlotte couldn’t walk a mile in her shoes, and she is the ‘Queen of Queens’.


Ziggler came out and cut a promo and said he’s the best thing to happen to pro wrestling. He said Goldberg doesn’t tend ‘show up’ for matches and he fears Ziggler. Goldberg’s music cut off his promo.

They had a faceoff and Ziggler superkicked him and got a one-count. He hit another and Goldberg kicked out at one again. On the third try, Goldberg speared Ziggler and hit the jackhammer for the quick win.

WINNER: Bill Goldberg at 1:45

This is all it should have been, and they went nuts for Goldberg.

New Day was in the back, Big E. and Xavier Woods said Drake was here, but it was Drake Maverick and he came in dressed up and looking for R-Truth.


They went through the International commentary teams with Carmella and R-Truth in costumes as Maverick searching for them.

Ricochet was dressed as the comic character ‘Night Wing’. He stepped on the shoulders of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows to deliver a rana to Styles on the floor.

Styles cut him off with a kick to the knee and worked the body part. Ricochet balanced on his left leg to deliver a springboard and that looked amazing. Styles kicked at the knee and went back to work on it and hit an Ushigoroshi.

Ricochet fought off Gallows and Anderson as he tried to climb the turnbuckle and went for the Phoenix Splash and was caught by Styles with a Styles Clash, which was the same finish as Styles vs. Kota Ibushi from their match in 2015 at Invasion Attack.

The finish was excellent.

WINNER: AJ Styles at 12:54 to retain the United States title

Gallows and Anderson continued to attack Ricochet after the match.

It was a solid match, all based around Ricochet selling his knee and a dynamite finishing spot.

The Street Profits went over the highlights of the show, Angelo Dawkins tried to give out his Twitter info for Nikki Cross. Ric Flair entered and was much cooler than Seth Rollins a few weeks ago.


The crowd was quiet when this began as Moon worked on Bayley’s back.

The audience started to sing the Bayley song but died out quickly.

Bayley missed a sliding lariat by a mile and rolled to the floor. Moon got a hold of Bayley and sent her off the shoulders into double knees but didn’t get all of it.

Moon climbed and was hit with the Bayley-to-belly off the turnbuckle and she pinned Moon.

WINNER: Bayley at 10:02 to retain the SmackDown women’s title

I thought this was a pretty poor match from the two. There were several spots that completely off and the crowd was dead for 95% of it. This was a disappointment and wasn’t built up well, either.


Owens received a thunderous ovation when he came out. McMahon announced the special enforcer referee is Elias to stay on the floor.

McMahon attacks Owens with his striking, Owens fought back and was distracted with Elias as McMahon attempted a roll-up. Owens grabbed a chair but couldn’t use it or he would be disqualified. McMahon slapped him and Owens threw down the chair and got out of the way as McMahon knocked Elias off the apron.

McMahon was knocked down and Owens hit a Swanton and frog splash from the top, but Elias pulled the referee to the floor. Owens took out both Elias and the referee with a cannonball off the apron. Owens was yanked to the floor and proceeded to attack Elias with chair shots with a million camera cuts.

Owens had the chair, passed it to the referee to distract as he kicked McMahon low and hit the stunner to win.

WINNER: Kevin Owens at 9:21

The match worked for the crowd, as Owens was one of the top babyfaces on the show and they got the finish they wanted. The match had its big spots with the usage of Elias and the chair.


The audience started singing ‘O Canada’.

Flair attempted the Figure 8 early and Stratus countered out.

Flair took over and had the heat for a long time while trash-talking Stratus. She made a brief comeback until catching a boot and crashing off the apron to the floor. Flair missed with a moonsault from the top and Stratus attacked with chops.

Stratus attempted the handspring huracanrana, it was stopped, and Flair went for a top rope powerbomb, which Stratus countered to a top rope huracanrana and woke up the crowd.

Flair got up and attacked her knee, she went for another figure-four and it was countered with an inside cradle and then Stratus applied a figure-four and bridged up for the Figure 8 but couldn’t hold it. Stratus hit Stratusfaction and Flair kicked out for a big reaction.

Stratus used more chops and threw a Chick Kick for a two-count. She set up for another and was hit with a boot from Flair, who followed with the figure-four got into the Figure 8 that forced Stratus to tap.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair at 16:38

They had their issues getting the crowd but eventually got them from the top rope hurcanrana spot onward.

I thought it was a well put together match and Stratus looked great for someone who hasn’t had a real singles match since 2006. This was one of the better matches on the show.


Kingston was shoved off the top to the barricade. The audience was chanting ‘Kofi’s stupid’ and ‘Randy sucks’ back-and-forth.

Orton dropped him onto the announcer’s desk and had control of Kingston. The crowd was back to low energy throughout this one.

Orton had a small cut on his brow and continually shut down Kingston, who landed a tornado DDT to briefly stun Orton. Orton attempted the draping DDT and was back body dropped to the floor where Kingston followed with a trust fall off the top.

Orton set up for the RKO, Kingston avoided, went for another high cross into an RKO and was the best moment of the match that grabbed the audience’s attention. Kingston rolled to the floor as Orton couldn’t capitalize with the cover. Orton went after him, Kingston fired up and out of nowhere after Orton got near his family in the front row, they were counted out.

WINNER: Double count-out at 16:27

The audience HATED the finish and chanted ‘bullshit’.

Kingston attacked Orton with a kendo stick repeatedly and a Trouble in Paradise.

There was a great spot with the RKO from the high cross, but overall, I found this match never got to the next gear and was a disappointment considering it had a good build these two had displayed strong chemistry in the past.


Balor was in the ring as the lights went out and Wyatt came out with a new entrance and a remixed version of his old theme, it was excellent.

Wyatt immediately attacks Balor, he went for a standing arm-triangle and nailed Balor to the mat. He twisted Balor’s neck, hit a uranage and went for Sister Abigail, which Balor countered and fought back. Balor hit the shotgun dropkick, went for the coup de grace and was caught with the mandible claw and pins Balor.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt at 3:28

Wyatt’s entrance was incredible and one of the coolest ones WWE has produced in years. It wasn’t here to be a standout match but to get the Wyatt character over and it was a tremendous presentation.

The lights flickered on Wyatt and cut to black as he disappeared with Balor left alone in the ring. The audience chanted ‘that was awesome’.


Rollins hit the stomp within the first minute of the match and Lesnar kicked out. Lesnar went for a German suplex and Rollins landed on his feet and hit multiple superkicks, he went for the stomp and was hit with the F-5. Lesnar lifted Rollins by the tape on his ribs and flew him around.

On the floor, Rollins sent Lesnar into the post multiple times and followed with a springboard knee in the ring. Rollins missed with another springboard and was thrown with a release German suplex. Lesnar used a bear hug and drove Rollins into the corner attacking the ribs. Lesnar ran at Rollins, missed and ran into the post in the corner.

Rollins fired up and was caught on a suicide dive attempt and driven into the post on the floor. Rollins fought back, placed Lesnar on a table and hit a splash off the post onto the table, which made little sense given the injured ribs, but it looked cool. Rollins hit a frog splash inside the ring and a stomp that Lesnar kicked out from.

Rollins set up for another stomp, Lesnar lifted him for the F-5 and it was blocked, Rollins with a superkick and the stomp to pin Lesnar.

WINNER: Seth Rollins at 13:20 to win the Universal title

This was a sprint and the audience loved it. Both guys worked their asses off. It was a hot main event for the time they had. I could have done without the disregard for the ribs with the big spot of the match, but this totally worked for the live crowd, who were hot and cold throughout the night.

Not gonna lie, I got a little tear in my eye when Edge hit that spear. One of my favorites and I never thought I’d see him do that again.

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I even told my son when he came out “don’t get too excited not like he’s gonna hit a spear on him”. Oooops

This is so difficult to enjoy after watching G1 action last couple days. lol

very nice submission match

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Well, it’s WWE and they very rarely have those type of matches. So, I’d suggest maybe not comparing the 2 shows.

That submission match was perfectly acceptable. Not great, but a solid match.


Goldberg on 2nd, strange match order.

nice and short.

Goldberg’s entrance - 2:00

Match from bell-to-bell - 1:45

that’s the whole goldberg gimmick

Good match between Ziggler and Goldberg. I could have done without the after match stuff, but I like this over the top, delusional Ziggler.

They should have placed it later in the show though.

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Woods looking like Stevie wonder over here

he looks like monica geller

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LMFAO :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you’re right.

I’ve got this feeling that this may not be the 6 hour marathon show that we all know and loathe.

Hopefully someone like Heyman might have stated that

I swear Ricochet is trying to have a Nightwing vibe with his outfit tonight.

Correction, I think he’s trying to steal Rey’s old gimmick.

This is where The Street Prophets get involved with The OC

Is that not Black Panthers costume?

Kinda the usual costume

wasn’t comparing, I enjoy them both separately for different reasons. But the competition is tough this weekend =) It’s a wonderful problem to have lol