WWE SummerSlam 2019: Seth Rollins wins the Universal title

Not very familiar with Nightwing, kinda why I asked.

No worries man, I make sure to try to stay up with that series so I kinda popped a little at the sight of it.

Can they please stop with all of this Toronto Raptors references, we know they won The NBA Championship

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WWE writing 101: Take a concept and just run it into the ground… then keep going and going.

I don’t know what happened to the Toronto crowd. They are shit now. I remember back 10-12 years ago, they were crazy even in shitty matches. It was always a fun time going to shows, because you never knew what was gonna happen or who people would cheer for.

Now they are dead quiet and chant the same stuff as every other crowd.

Montreal Screwjob incoming

The quieter crowd was mentioned on the nxt review show. The NXT review mentioned that ticket sales were a problem because they were all bought up by stub hub and the like, which impacted the turn out. I wonder if that happened here too.

If Owens were to lose, I’m sure AEW would offer him a contract within a hour lol.

They wasted Edge’s appearance on the kick off

ooooo you mean, get edge to spear elias during this match. great idea!

The Stream has been rough. The app just isn’t working on xbox one. Watching on Internet Explorer on Xbox one and it’s choppy

Seeing posts on Twitter of the wwe app giving people fits is anyone have trouble?

I’m thinking that there is The Bray, Universal and WWE Championship matches left as well as a Roman segment.

Hopefully there won’t be any impromptu matches to fill in time

Really enjoyed Trish/Charlotte. I thought Trish did a better version of the figure 8 than Charlotte.

Ok, dumb logic, Trish had the figure 8 on Flair and held on for a long time and damaged the knee in which she didn’t sell any of it. Then doing her own figure 8, would it not hurt her knee even more?

I ask this after seeing the Styles match earlier and the story of the leg being sold there.

Guessing Bret’s back in the good books.

That was not a good reaction for Seth

So many people can’t sell the knee. It’s like Takeover when Adam Coles knee was miraculously better after the 1st fall.


Good video package for Kofi/Randy. That’s what I want from this company, logical storytelling

I just remember Bret talking shit about Rollins. I guess we’re to believe they are best friends now.

Looked like Kofi hit that lady in the face w/ a pancake

Terrible finish

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