WWE Super Showdown: The Undertaker vs. Bill Goldberg

Titus takes out both War viking experience raiders then 2 minutes later is thrown out by Shelton.
This company is the shits

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Took me a good 5 min to figure out Chad gable. He looks so different.

Go to bed - you’re drunk. This has been an absolute shit show.

Basically a house show with pyro and a big screen

Thought it was Brad Maddox


This is a get everyone off the milk carton match

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Sorry who is the guy in the white tights?


Mansoor just won!!!

This must be the biggest upset in WWE history. I can’t believe it.

So happy for this kid right now

I thought he was some random from 205 live. Shocking they let the home town guy go over.

So he was just a local chap

How can you not be moved by this?

A local kid wins the biggest battle
Royale ever. An unknown. With a field with had Nakamura and Joe. It’s one of the best stories of the year

What are you doing?


Hes the guy that upset Iran last year

You’re great. You can’t be for real. Second best gimmick poster on the board.

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I’m sorry after double or nothing, take over 25 and that will ospreay match, this ppv falls a bit short.

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A little short?this is max mini short

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I’m trying to be diplomatic.

Has goldberg got lost spinal tap style

Undertaker’s entrance is going to be 5 times longer than the match.

Tell us how he lost the streak Cole

Make it 10 times