WWE Super Showdown: The Undertaker vs. Bill Goldberg

When will osprey wins best of the world then we can talk.

Gimmick post is obvious

“Moral Principles” Rest in Peace.

I think Goldberg has finished reading the lord of the rings trilogy by the time the match can start.

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The lad who won the 50 man sounds like he has a good story,shame we didnt know about it prior,if only they had commentators who wanted to paint a story rather than tell us about the weather.

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I should have done that rather than watch this muck

Wow those entrances we’re the best entrances I’ve seen all year :roll_eyes:

Goldberg paying hommage to Dustin Rhodes.

It’s like WWE asked - why did people enjoy AEW? Well … an old bloke pissed blood.

Fantastic. Lets do that then.

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Goldberg kicked out! Busted open and all. This is putting Dustin vs Cody to shame

Oh man, I stopped watching and I missed Mantaur winning a battle royal?

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Poor effort,try again


3 spears and a jackhammer. Wow. These guys are turning back the clock

That was pathetic time to hang it up boys.

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I just don’t get why a Patron would try so hard to ruin a thread…


OMFG UT wins. 3 spears and a jackhammer. Reversal of a tombstone. Choke slam to hell.

That was worth the wait. Dreams do happen sometime

I love goldberg but that was a very very bad match.


They really ran out of steam, not that there was much to begin with

Taker knows that was the drizzling shits and is not happy,unlike Alex who is having the time of his life

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Alex is auditioning for a spot on a future WWE Preshow

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