WWE Survivor Series 2019 Report: Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio

Meant to include Ciampa, Walter and Keith Lee.

What fn terrible booking. Make Walter look like a total douche bag by eliminating him first.

Last year Samoa Joe was the first eliminated by Drew. They did it again with Walter

Yup. And now Owens. WWE couldn’t book a train ticket.

Imagine the reaction if Rollins is the sole survivor

Probably be like hogan joining the nwo lol. Every piece of trash in the building would end up in the ring.

I wouldn’t put it past Vince. He likes to noise the fans up by arrogantly ignoring what they want and forcing his choice down their throats.

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Braun if you get KOd for so long you can’t get to your feet in 10 seconds you’re a loser

Lol. Have Seth eliminate Ali. Classic Vince. “I’ll show those fn fans who’s the boss!”.

Keith Lee is an absolute beast

They had a chance to MAKE Keith Lee and fumbled it.

Of course they did. They’re still trying to make Roman. They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. They constantly fail to grasp the obvious opportunity. If it wasn’t for the fact I believe they are actually that incompetent I would think it was just to spite their audience.

Rey’s not winning then.

Are they going to have NXT win the brand warfare

Pretty anti climatic to have Bayley win and have a tie between Smackdown and NXT

Both Rey and Brock are raw

I know, but surely it would end the show if Rey’s winning

I think they’ll have Becky win to even the score between Raw and Smackdown with Bayley taking the pin to keep Shayna strong. Stupid decision to put the women’s title match last as I expect it will be hard to follow Rey and Brock.

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Why is Rey wearing a Doink the Clown mask? :clown_face:

Prediction: we see Rousey tonight in some kind of big angle to reignite her feud with Becky. Giving Shayna the opportunity to pin Bayley after eating a pin last night.

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Just like that.

And possibly finally settling up a Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen feud. That would help all three brands (assuming they are happy to ignore the brand split).

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