WWE Survivor Series 2019 Report: Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio

What a wasted opportunity to build some storylines.

Next year they should scrap the brand warfare and just have traditional elimination matches.

You can have superstars from the brand’s team up

John and Wai will be pleased. Looks like a sub 3.5 hour main card.

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What’s with Bayley’s Cleopatra look?

To be fair, they’ve been that since Summer slam.

Kinda glad they put the tag team triple threat on the pre show.

The real test is how long the Royal Rumble is, also how long is WrestleMania

So glad they ditched the geek shirts.

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And there is the mention of Rousey.

If they want to do a Evolution ppv the 4 v 4 hoursewomen match is the match to headline it. Shoot the angle now

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They ain’t shortening WrestleMania. They would make it 12 hours if they could.

More like 24 hours, it’s all we live for lol (in their minds)

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This match is boring

This match is dying by the crowd. Poor match positioning. I don’t get the hype surrounding Becky. I think she is average at best. She looks awkward and sloppy in the ring.

I agree, I find Becky quite obnoxious

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Unfortunately Shayna is getting tainted by the stink of this match.

Agree. She talks like she is the female Ric Flair whose boots she couldn’t lace.

John, I can’t believe you don’t like AC DC’s Are You Ready! :open_mouth:

Can’t believe this match is still going

:joy: Neither can I. They must need the hours consumed this month.

So what did Fox spend all that money on

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Shayna has to win the Rumble

They are clearly serious about beating AEW to put NXT over this strong. Wonder what Fox think about the $30 million property being made to look better than the $200m one they are paying for?

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