WWE Survivor Series 2020

Besides the title holder vs. title holder matches, which Survivor Series match would you book for this year?

I have an idea: a Raw/Smackdown alliance to fight Retribution, just like Horsemen/Faces vs. NWO in the 1996 Fall Brawl War Games. Retribution has run roughshod over the Raw and Smackdown shows and it would be a great money angle in the Survivor Series since there are a multitude of them. This team could be a great boost to upper mid-card guys like the Hurt Business and Rey Misterio.

If there is a Raw/Smackdown alliance to fight Retribution, who would you pick?

It would be good if only they had booked it, planned it in the right direction. Survivor series has always been my favourite PPV with the Rumble but this year, the draft being so close to it and not even respected, I don’t feel it.

Logically, you would want a sort of avengers vs bad guys, so the top babyfaces but it’s impossible to imagine with this current landscape.

Retribution lost clean to the Hurt Biz on Monday. Neither the faction nor the individual members have won a match since the group was formed.

So I’d fix that before booking them in a marquee match at a Big 4 pay-per-view.

Oh, in that case, shit.

I just put my foot in my mouth. Is that the right idiom?

Well, they can improve their standing by kicking someone out of the group for being “insubordinate” and “causing them that match.”

Then they can introduce a new guy. With the acquisition of more than two independent promotions, WWE has no shortage in talents. I mean, there were only ten thousand guys that showed up that they can pick since the beginning of the angle.

I’m sure that Pritchard can come up with something good.

I think the Hurt Business vs Retribution is pretty much where Survivor Series is going. It’s just a question of who’s the 5th man? Ricochet with Hurt Bussiness makes the most sense. Arturo Ruas could be the 5th for Retribution.

The brand warfare thing is kinda worn out for me. Having Champs vs. Champs makes sense, but having a bunch of guys that spent the last year+ on one show only to fight for the other after 6 weeks of being on that show for no real benefit?

I’d love to see the rebuild of Seth Rollins disciples and have him, returning Austin Theory, repackage Cutler and Blake and Alister Black vs. The Mysterios, Bryan, Owens and Murphy. Lots of intertwining stories to be told here.

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No, the brand warfare thing wouldn’t have much water to hold as most guys are still freshly-traded less than just a few short weeks.

And if I have anything to do about it, I would take out the draft idea completely.

Good points.