WWE TLC 2019: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin in a TLC match

I was kinda hoping with this show that at least we would get some closure with both Reigns/Corbin & Rusev/Lashley angles but nope looks as though they’ll continue into 2020 with the added bonus of a Andrade & Zelina vega domestic.

Lawler just teased it like the show is going to end with the Reigns/Corbin fight backstage

Did someone forget to gimmick the tables.

This main event seems clunky, just a mess

This crowd is really turning on this match.

Seemed like there was a lot of sloppiness to the point of being dangerous. Two guys with their faces busted open in the early going plus a lot of botched spots in the main event. At different points it looked like both Kairi and Charlotte might have sustained concussions. Much like the build-up to the show itself, it felt like prep for the matches was rushed and inadequate.

It had good moments early on (despite the blood, the first three, including the one on the kickoff, were enjoyable)… I liked seeing Funhouse Bray, even if the match was a lot more entertainment than sport. Much of the rest wasn’t even interesting enough to rise to the level of train wreck. But most importantly: Please let this be the last of Rusev/ Lana/ Lashley and, as WWE so often do, let’s pretend it never happened.

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Note to self - don’t go watch a good movie or binge watch a good TV show on a weekend, before a WWE PPV. Watching people than calling “a good story-telling” the crap that WWE is presenting is making me feel out of the body experience, while my brain is still leaking through my ears.

Is Becky Lynch a main event star.

While she’s over, she’s had 4 main events however they haven’t had the greatest reviews.

It’s similar with Bray Wyatt, the promos and characters are over but the in ring seems to lack something

I think that she can be but it really depends on the match they set up. I mean if her He’ll in the Cell against Sasha had gone on last people would have been happy. Same with her last Woman Standing against Flair. It just seems like when she is in the main event it is either poorly booked or not a super hot program. Also never been given a 1 on 1 main event (2 triple threats, and 2 tag matches). Yet every great match of hers I can think of has been straight singles.

I don’t think she is likely to put on a 5 star match, but I think with her character if you book a strong feud she can put on a solid match that fans care about.

Looked into it. You’re right about In Your House 9 being the last PPV without a men’s singles title on the line.

But honorable mention to this banger of a card, where the only titles defending were the WWF Light Heavyweight Title and the coveted NWA North American Heavyweight Championship

Regarding the lack of a singles title matches and the general apathy surrounding this show, I feel like WWE should be more “intentional” with what these minor PPVs are. At this point, they are lower priority than Smackdown, Raw, and possibly NXT in addition to the “majors” (Rumble, Mania, Summerslam and Survivor Series). And that should be fine, but when TLC is pushed like another Summerslam, it’s bound to be a disappointment when two of your world champions are AWOL (Brock and Bayley) and the others are in non-title matches (Wyatt and Becky).

So I guess my question is: is there a way for WWE to use TLC, Backlash, etc. better? I assume they still need them in a financial sense for the Network and for ticket sales, so they have to exist and have to be differentiated from the weekly TV in some way, but what should they do to make sure that they are more than just “bad/pointless PPVs” on a more consistent basis?

Give more importance to secondary titles? Rey and Nakamura were both absent here as well with no programs in the works. With a part time world champ and another who should be used sparingly, I’d love to see them build feuds over a inter time maybe featuring the secondary belts, maybe one of the women’s belts, one tag program, and maybe one of the world titles on each card. That way you have longer builds and don’t blow through programs so quickly. I mean if the US title felt like a big deal and you had Rey vs say Andrade built up that could be a great match. To have had Roman going for the IC title (why not put that on Corbin prior to this feud it isn’t like Nakamura is doing anything with it.). Then only have all the world level titles on the line at the big 4 shows