WWE to announce crossover ruling, status of IC title this week

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/05/11/wwe-to-announce-crossover-ruling-status-of-ic-title-this-week/

WWE is set to introduce a ruling that will allow for some crossover between Raw and SmackDown, which comes at a time when numbers have significantly declined on both shows.

POST Wrestling was informed that the ruling will be introduced on tonight’s episode of Raw with the hope that it will be a simpler version of last year’s ill-fated Wild Card rule.

Details of the specifics of the ruling were not made clear to us but it’s expected to keep talent crossovers to a minimum throughout the year.

One source indicated that this idea came at the request of the networks. Last week, Raw hit its lowest mark in modern history with 1,686,000 viewers while Friday Night SmackDown has recorded its three lowest figures since launching on Fox over the past three weeks.

We have also been told that the status of the Intercontinental championship will be addressed this week. The current champion Sami Zayn has not been present at recent shows at the WWE Performance Center.

Zayn won the Intercontinental title on March 8th at the Elimination Chamber show in a 3-on-1 handicap match pinning champion Braun Strowman. Zayn last appeared at the WrestleMania 36 tapings where he defended the title against Daniel Bryan on the first night that aired April 4th and was taped the week prior.

I feel bad for all of the Fox and USA Network executives who celebrated so much during the draft. I guess all of that research and draft strategy was just a waste.


And this will make absolutely zero difference in viewership.


LOL what a mess. All this means is that we’ll get Baron Corbin on RAW now


Yeah… because WWE would NEVER allow someone to go back and forth between shows unless there was a clearly established and iron-clad policy in place. Wrestlers staying on one brand is sacrosanct and a holy trust between them and their fans. I’m glad to see that they’re making an official policy announcement.


Whatever, Ill fast forward through the matches of different guys now. I hate when they do this during a brand extension, but I get it. If that’s what the networks want, you listen to what the people paying you 500 million per year want.

I suppose it could be a good rule that makes sense, but WWE booking has absolutely earned every snarky comment it gets between now and showtime.


Good idea. Get rid of the United States championship & just have the Intercontinental championship as a floater.

But without the US Champion, how will we know who to expect to see in six man tags and non-title gauntlet matches?

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Sami Zayn on Raw! My god 5 Million views.

However thinking about it if WWE is doing shows during a Pandemic and doing them in The PC maybe the PC era should have a halt on brand roster and able to have biggest stars on each show (in sense whoever already there for raw or sd) and limit talent coming to Florida for a minute match for an extra body.

I do wonder if this could lead to any unhappiness on the Fox side. They are paying considerably more for Smackdown, and you’d assume they’d want to keep certain people to their show, to keep interest up.

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You ever hate being right?

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