WWE to launch NXT Europe, Worlds Collide event confirmed for September 4th

Originally published at WWE to launch NXT Europe, Worlds Collide event confirmed for September 4th

A new branch of the NXT brand coming in 2023.

It has been confirmed by WWE via a FOX News article that the company is launching NXT Europe in 2023. Per the company, NXT Europe will “reimagine the brand and talent pipeline”.

NXT UK is going to go on hiatus for a few months. The brand’s talents will be represented at a Worlds Collide event on 9/4 featuring NXT 2.0 talent as well. At NXT Heatwave, Tyler Bate, Gallus and Blair Davenport all appeared on the program.

As reported by Ryan @Gaydos_ from @FoxNews, the @WWENXT brand is set to grow even more come 2023 with the creation of NXT Europe. https://t.co/Kba505JFKr

— WWE Public Relations (@WWEPR) August 18, 2022

Shawn Michaels told FOX News Digital that the final NXT UK event will be Worlds Collide. When asked what will happen to the talent and staff, Michaels said the following:

So some of it, like everything with the WWE and NXT, that pipeline is always fluid. It’s going to be one of those situations where we’re going to have a lot of representation going into Worlds Collide. It’s what NXT has always been and that is to be a pipeline for the WWE in support of RAW and SmackDown. That process is going to continue. We’re going to use the UK talent that we can to go into Worlds Collide and keep that representation out there for as long as we can. And as we move things over here in the process, we’ll make all those decisions in 2023 about who’s a part of NXT Europe and who continues to stay here in NXT in hopes of getting a main roster call up.

NXT UK had been airing a tournament to crown a new NXT UK Champion. The tournament has not finished airing, but the winner of it, Tyler Bate, showed up with the belt at Heatwave on 8/16.

This is definitely going to piss some people off, but this was inevitable, especially once Hunter took over as having NXT’s all around the world was always his vision.

At least now it’s the same vision on the main roster that there is for the NXT brand(s). I have to imagine NXT Japan is next.

The article doesn’t really say that. In fact its a bit confusing.

Is NXT Europe a rebranded NXT UK? That’s my impression. In which case they aren’t really adding or changing anything here except the name as NXT UK has always had a lot of Euro talent.

Ill be honest, from this line “launching NXT Europe in 2023” I assumed it was something new. If its just a name change, then I dont see why this is even being talked about. My guess is its going to be NXT UK on a much larger level, and they probably begin to tour throughout Europe (unless they are doing that now).

Either way, Hunter has always had this as his vision.

I’m definitely not into this at all.

Ask UK Indies what great things NXT UK did for their scene.

Triple He’s vision of “Global Localization” is absolutely detrimental to the wrestling landscape. It’s no different than Vince’s 80’s expansion, except this is targeting the indies rather than territories.


Not saying he doesn’t have influence, but Triple H isn’t Vince. But this is a business decision, you can’t just pin this on him like the old days (last month).

But the Global Localization plan was to set up WWE performance centres and NXT affiliates across the globe. That’s just a fundamentally bad thing for wrestling as a whole.

Under Vince, I 100% agree. Under Hunter, I’ll wait and see as I don’t think his goal is to destroy the indies. Vince for sure, guy was from an era where they were all cut throat and it was burned into his brain to “destroy” or “defeat” everyone. Hunter seems to have more respect for the indies.

Not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying I’m not 100% convinced you are right.

Global localization’s goal is to kill the indies. Nothing anybody can say will make me think otherwise. It’s goal is to try and swoop up any quality talent and get them in their system as soon as possible.

They destroyed the UK scene and they’ll try to do the same across Europe.

I’m not trying to change your mind, you have every right to think what you think. Like I said, I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just not convinced you are right.

I think it will hurt the indies, but I don’t think it kills them. They have an NXT here in NA and the indies are just fine. There are only so many spots, especially if they just have one brand per continent. Now if it ends up being an NXT in 20, or 30, or 40 countries in the world (which isn’t happening) then I would agree.

I do think Japan is next.

Don’t be shocked when recently deleted UK talent appear under new contracts as European or US talent. Sources say people can’t wait to see what’s next

I just don’t understand the waste of time and money creating and developing a “brand” when you can get indies to do that for you and grab them whenever you want for free.

If someone is good sign them and let them work indies in Europe or bring them to your own developmental in the US. Especially because the ultimate goal is for guys to be stars worldwide not just stick in their own territory.

The strategy has never made sense to me financially or developmentally.