WWE UK Champ vs Bullet Clubs Villain

Haven’t see this pop up anywhere else yet so apologies but holy sh*t. Pete Dunne is a WWE champion and is scheduled to face Marty Scurl who is one of the most over and popular independent acts and Bullet Club members. Does this not seem wild to anyone else? I know Dunne fought Aires recently but I always chalked that up to WWE allowing it before Aires showed up to win the TNA title. This was clearly OK’d by HHH right? Shocking to me.

This also suggests to me we’ll see somebody from NXT or the UK crew on All In.

It’s not that wild really, Pete gets a lot of freedom on the indies in terms of who he’s working. It just means that he’s probably winning most of the matches he’s in.

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I really doubt anybody under WWE Contract would be on all in. I don’t necessarily think there’s any restrictions on who the UK guys can face on Indies more that they can only work for promotions who are reputable. I mean last April British Strong Style faced the Elite in a 6 man at a UK Show.

Looking at it through the goggles of 5 years ago, it does seem pretty wild any of these matches are happening.

But like… Dunne faced the TNA world champion last month so it’s just the nature of the beast right now.

Agree. I chalked that up to being OK’d when Aires wasn’t their champion (or known to be signed).

I wouldn’t want to see any WWE contracted performer but as a BTE fan I can’t deny it’s be really cool if the ghost of Adam Cole came back for a one-off.

Then again, WWE hit these guys with a Cease and Desist so I’m most likely completely off base