WWE's Most Wanted Treasures

I briefly heard John mention this show this week but I didn’t really know what he was talking about. Now I’ve seen some clips and it looks pretty cool. Gives off American Picker vibes and I enjoy that show.

The trailer for this week has Jerry Lawler and shows the night he had his heart attack on RAW. I don’t know if this footage has been seen before but its pretty crazy. I just can’t get over how blue his face looked.

I actually love this show. The first episode was a ton of fun and I’m just a mark for any peek we get of the wwe warehouse


I don’t know if they’ll be able to top last week’s episode with Taker & Kane. Everything was so well tied up together that I don’t think you can tell a more compelling story of 2 specific objects they were looking for (Kane’s original mask and the Betrayal Urn from Summerslam 1996) that was tied to the history of 4 specific characters and one larger history in its whole.

To give you an idea of what happeee those that don’t know the difference- he suffered a cardiac arrest for what is reported in that video to be 22mins

That is different from a heart attack. A heart attack (as in his case) can cause cardiac arrest as can any number of things.

What this means is that his whole heart stopped, he had no pulse and was legally dead for 22mins. At any point in those 22 mins an EMT or doctor could have terminated efforts and declared him dead.

Sadly I see lots of these cases everyday. Very few people are brought back after 22 mins of cardiac arrest down time (we call is ROSC time) let alone walk away without some brain damage. He’s incredibly lucky and their EMS repose is top notch.