Xavier Woods says New Day will be back on WWE TV 'in due time'

Originally published at Xavier Woods says New Day will be back on WWE TV 'in due time'

The latest on The New Day, and Xavier Woods names the most underrated wrestler today. 

Dating back to February of this year, Kofi Kingston has been on the sidelines and he underwent successful ankle surgery in March. Big E is out and venturing into other projects and fields following suffering a broken neck in 2022. 

Xavier Woods’ most recent match was on the May 15th Monday Night Raw. He was interviewed by Josh Martinez on the Superstar Crossover podcast and said New Day, referring to himself and Kofi, will be back on WWE TV in due time. He reiterated that they’ve all been busy with outside projects. 

So, Kofi (Kingston) had ankle surgery, right? So during that (WWE) Draft, came over to Raw and had some matches with Dom (Mysterio) and then, I’ve just been getting big at home. I’ve been getting huge. I’ve been doing Dungeons and Dragons appearances, we’re (New Day) doing USFL appearances and that’s the interesting thing so, we haven’t been on TV in a minute, like a month, two months? Maybe. But, the thing that people don’t see is all the stuff that we do outside of the ring and we have been working relentlessly on so many other things and so we’ll be back in due time. We’ll be back in due time. If you look at wrestling, the landscape has changed and I love when it changes because it comes at a slow pace and then all of a sudden, you see all these faces are faces that have only been there for like six months or a year or year-and-a-half and that’s what’s kind of happening right now. So many people are filtering in and so as people filter in and they get established and the crowd gets to know who they are, then all of a sudden, New Day, we’re back on the attack. Gotta make space for The New Day.

As the conversation rolled along, Woods was asked who he believes in the most underrated talent in wrestling. He named Chad Gable. Woods added that other people name Gable as well because it’s true. 

Speaking about the wrestling business as a whole, Woods feels there has never been this many talented people as there is present day. 

Chad Gable (is the most underrated performer in wrestling)… Because it’s very true (Woods said when it was mentioned that others have said it as well). There are a lot of very underrated people and not to get on a weird high horse, I don’t believe that wrestling owes you anything. Wrestling is its entity in itself and we all are trying to be the absolute best that we can be and we all want a shot, we all wanna be on camera, we all want to have these long, grueling matches to show everybody how hard we’ve worked and what we’ve been able to do and I think that right now, especially right now, not just in WWE but in all of wrestling, I don’t think there has been a time where there have been more talented people across the board in this industry ever, and that’s not a sleight on the previous generation, but I do believe that the generation that comes before you, it’s their job to help you become the best generation of all time. So it’s our job to make the next generation the best generation of all time. To let things get better for the boys, for the girls and for the fans as well. So right now, seeing as many people that are as talented as they are in this industry, it makes me so happy for the future of what we have as pro wrestlers, to see people grow. But, I, for me, myself personally, I wanna see Chad Gable get a spotlight because he deserves one. He’s a guy who came in, Olympic-level wrestler and fell into this and learned it quick and is athletic, agile, smart, creative, all of these things and so, my vote is for Gable and that’s a very long-winded way to say that.

Woods and Kingston had a run in NXT and they captured the brand’s Tag Team Championships in late 2022. The duo dropped the titles at the Vengeance Day Premium Live Event in February. 

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