XFL is done?

Just saw on ESPN that XFL laid off most employees and has no plans to return next season. Kinda surprising but also turned out to be the worst timing for the league with this pandemic.

Does this mean Vince can concentrate on the WWE again? Yeay :frowning:

Oh my please don’t say that.

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Wouldn’t shock me if it was a get out now kind of move.

Weren’t ratings going down?

I also wonder if this and The Revival release are somehow related

The Revival killed the xfl revival?

This was probably inevitable considering the NFL already signed a lot of the little talent they did have available and that the pandemic likely hurt them majorly financially. It’ still sad to see this league end this way.

Product wise, they were headed in the right direction. Vince let the football people like Oliver Luck run things and it seemed to be working. They also had 2 markets with crowds that felt like pro football crowds that drew well (Seattle and St. Louis). However, ratings had already begun to decline and there were some crowds in major markets that were downright pitiful (LA and New York being examples). There was also a controversial call right before the league went on hiatus where refs ended a game when there was clearly a couple of seconds left on the clock. Perhaps this means there just isn’t a market for a second football league in America no matter how hard anyone tries.

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The amount of Monday Vince McMahon has lost in the last 2+ years on a personal level is flabbergasting

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I’m a little surprised he didn’t run Toronto (easily the largest city without an NFL team) as well.

Ultimately he tried to do things the right way this time but it didn’t work for reasons beyond his control. I feel much worse this time than the last time.

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Craziest part about losing that much money is how little he will feel it (other than his ego).

I think he absolutely feels it. Relative of course given his wealth but still

Can Vince buy Charlton next instead?

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Haha as if the weekly drama isn’t enough