XFL rumors

So, who believes theres any truth to the rumor that Vince is bringing back the XFL? And if true, is there any truth to the rumor that Vince will step down from his position at the WWE to focus exclusively on the XFL and finally put HHH and Stephanie in charge? I hope this is all true! I am one of those that believe that Vince has lost touch with what works in the WWE and HHH and Stephanie would be a breath of fresh air for the company!

I have no inside info (obviously) but I just can’t understand why anyone would throw money at a new league that has to compete with the NFL.

I just don’t get it.

Probably an ego thing.
The documentary (which I haven’t seen) about the failure that was the XFL might have reminded Vince of his biggest failure, so he desperately wants to “right the wrong”.

Other than that, there’s no reason to start a football league from scratch.

I think working with the NFL might be a better option for Vince. They could use it as a half way house between college football and the NFL in the same way NFL Europe was. With the growth of the sport over here in Europe this could be a way to appease fans here rather than giving us a franchise in the top league.

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I wouldn’t try to start a league but I do see a window open for special attraction events. Live TV content is valuable and there’s definitely enough crash-watching interest to have a few games a year be of interest.

Also, I keep thinking Alpha entertainment has to do with Jericho and a co-venture into something like future cruises or concerts/wrestling festivals. A way for Vince to move into the budding Indy space to squash it like the old territorial days. The timing and the use of Alpha by Jericho and the notion Vince was cool with him exploring outside companies is too coincidental. (Tin foil hat for sure)

I agree, if he does attempt to restart the XFL it’s because it’s his biggest failure. Vince has accomplished everything he can in the world of pro wrestling, he’s probably bored at this point.

He’s definitely a guy who needs new challenges and trying to resurrect a failed project probably gives him a reason to wake up every morning.

If he does move forward with the XFL I wonder if he will give control over to Stephanie and HHH in WWE. You can’t go at a new project 50% and WWE 50% but he doesn’t seem like the type to want to give over complete control of WWE either.

I wonder if Stephanie and hhh being in control would change as much as we think

Really tough to say.

With Steph nothing would change at all, she’ll present herself as the savior of WWE and the women’s division like she already does and unlike her father, she’ll put nobody over and it might get worse from there on.

On the hand you have Hunter. Since he’s in charge of NXT, this product has become pretty good, so he at least showed what he can do. But he’s still a bodybuilder-friendly guy and isn’t to shy to put the spotlight on himself with the latest example being his win over Jinder in India or The Survivor Series, where you had all the talent in the world, but it came down to him, Strowman (bodybuilder/strongman) and Shane.

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