Yoshihiro Takayama hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia

Originally published at Yoshihiro Takayama hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia

An update on Yoshihiro Takayama, courtesy of his wife. 

It has been almost six full years since Yoshihiro Takayama’s cervical spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. Updates on Takayama have been provided by wife via a blog on the Abema site. 

She posted on April 11th that Takayama is hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia. 

When Takayama suffered the injury, he could not breathe on his own so a hole had to be made in his throat and he was breathing with the help of a machine. Doctors informed him that the hole would close up on its own but it did not. 

Air began to leak through the hole which made it difficult for Takayama to speak. He underwent surgery which was a success and was discharged the following day. He was brought back to the emergency room as he developed aspiration pneumonia. 

Speedy recovery to him, pneumonia is such a horrible disease. I’ve been there, and it’s like hell.