Young Bucks Tag Match Poll

So, after not being able to sleep the other night, I figured to look up two different tag matches, the Young Bucks vs the Golden Lovers from Long Beach along with the Bucks vs Omega and Page. Both matches are just incredible to watch, and the work rate is incredible, so I figured to all those interested:

  • Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers
  • Young Bucks vs Omega and Page

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This poll is an absolute travesty. Where are the Powers of Pain?

The only young bucks match I could enjoy could be vs FTR.

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I am hit and miss when it comes to the Bucks, I don`t know why but their style feels more prescriptive than most other wrestlers. I feel like I am going to a concert and have the set list in hand, they have a few goto moves that I see every match and the more I see them the less impactful they are to me.

I still like them overall and think they are great tag teams but I am never really blown away by them anymore. I watch most other tag teams in AEW and I am often really entertained by the diversity of styles and how well they mesh but I feel like most of the Buck`s moves are as common as the Best Friends hugging mid-match. You know it is going to happen, you may get a fake but they will always pay it off and the announcers and camera will try to make it more impactful than it has any right to be.