Young Rock

Premiered tonight on NBC. This show is legit!!! I was skeptical at first but man this blew my expectations.

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I hope there’s a bit on the CFL days and a crossover with young Sheldon

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Agent Woo is in both Young Rock and WandaVision. lol


They should have young Randy Orton show up.

So they can reenact that Rock promo about meeting Orton when he was a kid picking his nose.

Roman Reigns and the Usos should be playing his uncles btw.

I wonder who plays Yokozuna. Samoa Joe maybe.

I popped for Afa and Sika and Iron Sheik.

Young Sheldon as in the Big Bang Theory spin-off? Not going to happen as they’re on competing networks.

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I thought this was a little better than I was expecting. Some very mild humor (but I did laugh at some points), as well as very earnest. Nice to see some wrestlers portrayed on this show (I liked the Iron Shiek actor a lot), and I think the casting is strong overall.

I think the youngest Rock is kinda cringey. I hate when these shows try and make the kids seem cool. Teenage Rock and football Rock were both better.

Thank you for not calling him Kid Rock. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I just watched it and I have to say it was pretty good, better then I expected.

The format of three stages of his life is a very interesting one, NBC tried the same thing a couple years ago with a show called Me, Myself, and I…unfortunately the show didn’t last, but I’m happy to see the format again. I think my favorite timeline is the youngest version of the Rock, but its soley because of all the wrestlers lol.

I only saw Jim Halpert in both.