Your favorite Concerts


We were supposed to see Zac Brown Band this evening in Charlotte NC, but it got cancelled due to the hurricane. Of course the weather is perfectly fine today.

The best concert I’ve ever seen was U2 ZooTV in ‘92. The stage itself was amazing and the concert was excellent.


My favourite has been in order:

  1. Foo Fighters
  2. Kiss
  3. I Mother Earth w/ Finger Eleven (Canadian 90’s rock FTW!)
  4. The Who
  5. ZZ Top

Also saw Weird Al twice, Motley Cruë, Sheep Dogs, Monster Truck, The Bangles, Moist, Poison, Def Leppard - all terrific fun.


Saliva & Drowning Pool @ WM 18


Have seen Maiden four or five times, and yeah, even if they’re touring for a so-so record it’s always worth your ducats. Bruce’s voice holds up well, the staging’s always great, and they do a good job of balancing deep cuts with the big hits for first timers.


The Roots, King Diamond, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dio, Anderson Paak, Sparks in no particular order.


Been to way too many shows over the last 20 years and they all melt together at this point.

I think my favourite show was SNFU in Canmore, Alberta in 2012 or so. Waited 10+ years to see them, so seeing them in a random dirty bar in a small town out west was great.

Devo is definitely the bucket list band.


I traveled to Helsinki, Finland from Toronto to watch a 90s euro dance festival in 2016. I saw my favourite euro dance artist Masterboy, Plus DJ Bobo, Alexia, Culture Beat, Haddaway, Scooter, Basic Element, Sash, Captain Jack, Daze, Solid Base, Captain Hollywood Project, E type, Waldos People, Eiffel 65, Red Knexx and Dr Alban. It was great. I was in Euro Dance heaven.

I was also at the Aqua concert and I spotted John Pollock as he exited the concert but I did not want to interrupt his conversation. But I did not enjoy it as much as he did. At least Aqua played Lollipop and Roses Are Red. Too bad Whigfield did not play I Want To Love.

I also enjoyed the Stevie B, Joee, Lil Suzy, and Rockell concert in Vaughn this summer. Better than the Aqua concert as well.


Nirvana at Reading,Faith no more at The Astoria


I’ve been to lucky enough to see a few great concerts live, but one will always stand out to me.

Travelled over 7-hours by car to take my father to see AC/DC in Brisbane in 2010. My father had always been a fan but never had the chance to see them live before. During “Thunderstruck” it started raining and once the song finished it stopped raining. Seeing the smile on my father’s face was priceless and still mentions it whenever AC/DC is on the radio.

Not knowing it at the time but this would be the last time that the majority of the original line-up would tour together (Malcolm Young left the band in September 2014 due to ill health & Phil Rudd who was charged in November 2014 for hiring a hitman to murder someone and possession of drugs, could no longer leave New Zealand. Following the 2015/16 “Rock or Bust World Tour” Brian Johnson had left the band halfway during the tour due to hearing problems and Cliff Williams announced that he would retire citing losing interest.)


My few times to concerts have primarily been in my general area of the Philadelphia region. I caught Red Hot Chile Peppers at the Wells Fargo Center (following the release of I’m With You), Primus at the Tower Theater, and Biffy Clyro at the TLA. Primus was a little slow for me in how the concert was laid out, but all of them were very enjoyable.

Also, when I was with my girlfriend at the time, I took her to see Katy Perry at the Wells Fargo Center. I even remember enjoying it too.


My Aqua in terms of a band I would desperately want to see would be X Japan. In the Tokyo Dome. On New Year’s Eve. Well actually seeing them anywhere would be special.


That would be tremendous!


I guess I never answered my own question about traveling for a concert.

The farthest I’ve traveled has been from Dallas to Austin (about a 4 hr. drive) to see Green Day. I had tickets to see them in Dallas but ended up getting really sick the day of the show and not being able to go. My wife still did though and said it was amazing. So when they came back through Texas on the same tour we made the trip down to Austin, got great tickets in the pit and had an amazing time. Totally worth it.

I’ve wanted to travel for a lot of shows though. Especially some of the festivals held around the country. Not necessarily the huge ones like lollapalooza. But Austin City Limits, Voodoo Fest and a couple of others are on my bucket list.


Just bought tickets to the Misfits show in Chicago next April, so that’ll likely be the first/only time I have to fly to see a band.


Now that KISS as announce they will do one last tour, i hoping they come to Canada mostly because it’s the one band that i loved that i never saw in concert and it’s my last concert on my bucket list,