Your POST Wrestling Listening Habits

During this week’s episode of Rewind-A-Wai, the lads mentioned that they were looking into tinkering with the current output and the amount of shows they produce (both on the free feed and Patreon), due to the incoming weekly AEW show.

So here’s a thread to give feedback to John and Wai about what shows on the POST network that you listen to, how regularly you do so, what shows you skip (if any) and any other feedback you have in regards to the output of POST Wrestling.

Personally, as I don’t watch much WWE save for the big four PPVs (Rumble, Mania, MITB and Summer Slam. Survivor Series is dead), I tend to gloss over RASD, RAS and the WWE PPV POST-shows; I’ll listen to the opening banter and the discussion of any news items, and that’s it for me unless they state that the show is particularly awful from the start (such as the 7/8 RAW), as then I’m absolutely tuning in to hear the boys tear the show to shreds.

I do try to listen to every Ask-A-Wai, Rewind-A-Wai, Double Shot, Cafe Hangout, G1 Climax/AEW/Special review, POST Profile, POST Puro, MCU review, primers, reactions and whatever miscellaneous show that comes through. You guys put a lot of fucking effort into this (excuse my french), and the list above is more than enough to keep me as a loyal customer.

As for a weekly AEW podcast, it’s a product that I’m very interested in so I’ll be listening for sure. I also listen to every BWE and, as mentioned above, Post-Puroresu.

When it comes to other non-Pollock/Wai podcasts (UP-NXT, Cruel Summer, MMA shows, Rocky Mavia Show etc) they’re just not my bag. Nothing against the shows or the hosts, they have their fanbases that sing their praises and I’m chuffed for the amount of stellar content that POST produces, but they’re not for me unfortunately.

POST Wrestling is my main wrestling podcast source, with the only other wrestling related podcasts I listen to being either retro-review shows or discussion roundtables; Attitude Era Podcast, Wrestle Me, GRAPPL Spotlight, ThROH The Years and Squared Circle Gazette Radio are the only other wrestling podcasts that I listen to.

That’s it! I hope I’ve provided enough feedback, and I hope the other posts and discussions within the thread help you out too.


For John and Wai’s shows, I skip anything that is NJPW, ROH, Impact, UFC. I don’t watch it, and I don’t have time to listen to it. Otherwise, I listen to RAR, RASD, RAW, MCU Reviews, Cafe Hangout, Double Shot, Post WWE PPV Reviews (and occasionally others if something really notable happens).

For the shows that are not John and Wai hosted, I listen to Rocky Maivia Picture Show, but that’s it.

I would listen to an AEW review show, at least at the start. I would also listen to a lucha show. I just started watching the AAA show on Youtube, and occasionally watch CMLL on Youtube, but their streams are so long and they have too many shows a week, I can’t be bothered to keep up.


I listen to anything John and Wai do wrestling wise. They’re my favorite podcasters and the easiest to listen to. My personal favorites are Ask-a-Wai and the Cafe Hangout.

I bumped up my patreon level just because of the Hangout. If we had to get rid of a show, I’d probably choose the Double Shot. Even though I like hearing the different reviews, it’s the show I’d sacrifice over the others.

I am not into UFC, so I skip those shows, unless I really need something to listen to. I don’t listen to BWE, just not into that scene. I rarely listen to UPNXT, except for the Takeover shows. I love the MCU reviews, so I’d keep those.


Oh yes, I listen to Ask-a-Wai as well, if there is someone keeping track of these things.


Essentially, I listen to the free feed, and my $6 a month for Patreon is just a small way to say thanks for the great content. Here’s my personal breakdown, if anyone cares.

Always: Rewind-a-Raw, Rewind-a-Smackdown, WWE PPV reviews (and previews if I get to them before the show)

Usually: Rewind-a-Wai, Ask-a-Wai

Rarely: NJPW (major shows), UpNXT (Takeovers only)

If I’ve watched what they’re talking about: MCU, RMPS, Double Shot, AEW, UFC (which is rare)

And I’ve loved most of the “one-time” stuff, especially the Owen Hart interviews.

EDIT: And if I ever managed to watch a show live and stayed awake all the way through, I’d consider leaving feedback.


I listen to pretty much everything John & Wai do, and upNXT on a pretty regular basis.

I often find the reviews of things I haven’t seen, or subjects I haven’t had much personal interest in to be more informative and entertaining then reviews of shows I have seen. I would of never started watching NJPW if it wasn’t for the G1 coverage last year.

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For me :

Must never skip : RAR, RASD, UPNXT, MCU Reviews, PPV Reviews

Depending on the topics covered : Double Shot, Cafe Hangout

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Always Listen: RAR, RASD, Double Shot, UpNXT, Rewind-a-Wai, Movie/MCU Reviews, NJPW Reviews, Post Puroresu, generally the limited series (Cruel Summer, Eggshells, etc.), most one-time things (eg. LOVED the Owen Hart show and interviews), PPV reviews (mostly)

Listen Depending on Content (and admittedly sometimes, my own free time): Cafe Hangout, Ask-a-Wai, non-Big-4 WWE PPV reviews, Impact/ROH/UFC PPV reviews

Very Rarely Listen: BWE


I listen to pretty much every show on the site except for bwe.

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In regards to the possible POST Wrestling schedule into the future, I leave a little feedack. I walk 2km to and from work most days so this is where and when I listen to most of the podcasts.

Listen to every time

  • Rewind-A-Raw
  • Rewind-A-SmackDown
  • Rewind-A-Wai
  • Ask-A-Wai
  • POST Puroresu
  • UP NXT
  • British Wrestling Experience
  • MMA Reviews
  • The Rocky Maivia Picture Show
  • PPV POST Shows & UP NXT Takeover’s
  • NJPW G1 & WRESTLEMANIA Special coverage
  • Eggshells & Cruel Summer special series.
  • MCU Movie Reviews (Admittedly I was not a big MCU fan before but this made me go see End Game in the cinema)

When I have time or if they cover a major event

  • The Double Shot
  • Cafe Hangout
  • UP NXT Movie Reviews

Admittedly I also listen to the following as well

  • WON~F4O Network of shows
  • About 6 different Australian weekly Podcasts

(Updated 31/07/2019) If we were to get an “AEW show / Rewind-A-Dynamite” I’d gladly listen to that also, as we currently don’t have an Australian broadcast deal announced yet.

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I listen to pretty much everything unless its a ufc or smaller ppv I didn’t see.

I rarely miss a show, but for what it’s worth, rewind a raw and rewind a smackdown are must listens every week. I’d definitely miss the double shot if it was gone but understand if it had to be cut.

Anything current wrestling i listen to immediately. I enjoy BWE and UFC which puts me in minority so I would like for those shows to stick around on monthly basis if you have too. Love the MCU shows. Rewind a Wai I like when there is a lesser known retro shows. I listen to a lot of retro show podcasts from others so sometimes I skip R.a.W. I don’t call in or post ?s for Ask a Wai so I listen to those well after their available. Keep up the great work POST wrestling!


I don’t listen to UFC or BWE

If I had the time I’d listen to everything. I was actually pondering the other day whether I’m a fan of wrestling or just a fan of John and Wai. I’m still unsure what the answer is.

Anyway, in terms of what I listen to my order of priority would be RAR, RAS, RAW, MCU and AskAWai. I don’t listen to any New Japan, NXT, BWE, etc.

I’m pretty sure the guys know all this already though. I mean, they do get listenership statistics.


I do this often these days when Monday rolls around and I have little desire to watch Raw but still listen to RAR as soon as I can on Tuesday morning.

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Nothing wrong with giving more detail on what you listen to and when. It all helps. I listen to the shows across multiple media platforms so it narrows it all down.

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Basically any show that features John and/or Wai

I think Rewind A Wai should go back to its old format of being released on a Sunday that there isn’t a ppv on.

Regarding the AEW podcast content I think we get more than enough John & Wai every week (yes we are spoiled). I wouldn’t mind a bit of a mix up John and Davie one week, Braden and Wai the next week.

I listen to Raw and SD reviews the day after. Ideally while getting ready and walking to work but sometimes I have to break it up throughout the day. If I didn’t watch Raw/SD then I lean on the reviews the next day to stay current, and hear the news.

I love the post shows of ppvs.

As for the Friday shows I listen to them when I have down time or perhaps as background to doing work or something. Not time-sensitive and very ever green which I love.
The cafe hangouts I try to call in if I can sneak away from lunch. If there is a topic I want to hear and couldn’t call in / listen during the day I’ll check it out when it drops but sometimes I skip as I feel the off-the-top news discussions of each show are fantastic.

The Double Shot which no longer is a stand alone was great as an ever green also. Things that I would catch on demand and could go back to listen to the review. Or even figure out what was worth watching in terms of non weekly stuff.

For AEW, let’s see what the show is like. First few weeks some different guests to review it would be cool. The idea of mixing up Davie and Braden and Wai and John and maybe others to get fresh and unique perspectives on a brand new show feels appropriate until something feels natural and also whether the show is worth dedicating a brand new review show for. If it’s not, maybe it’s part of the double shot like other promotions TV was, perhaps more regularly discussed like BTE but not as heavily focused on as the WWE weekly shows.