Yuji Nagata never expected to become Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion when he returned to AJPW

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/05/15/yuji-nagata-never-expected-to-become-triple-crown-heavyweight-champion-when-he-returned-to-ajpw/

He never expected this to happen. 

In February, Yuji Nagata became AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion by defeating Kento Miyahara. Nagata has now held the Triple Crown, GHC and IWGP Heavyweight Championships. 

He’s had one title defense thus far and that was against Shuji Ishikawa in March. Nagata spoke about his return to AJPW in an interview with ENTAME next. He said becoming champion is something he never expected to happen. 

In the past year or so, the environment surrounding me has changed a lot. I was transferred to an All-Japan show, where I was cheered on by the fans and became a champion. I never expected this to happen.

Nagata’s next title defense is scheduled for May 29th. He was set to defend against 2023 Champion Carnival winner Shotaro Ashino, but Ashino suffered a fractured left ulna

The new challenger to the Triple Crown is going to be determined via a singles match between T-Hawk and Ryuki Honda.

Isn’t Yuji Nagata too old to compete?

Lmao he’s two years older then Jericho so no