Yukio Sakaguchi to retire from wrestling

Originally published at Yukio Sakaguchi to retire from wrestling

A press conference was held to announce the news. 

DDT Pro-Wrestling had been promoting that there was going to be a major announcement made. A press conference was held on January 15th for Yukio Sakaguchi and he revealed that he’ll be retiring from in-ring competition

Sakaguchi is scheduled for DDT’s January 28th, February 4th and February 7th shows. The final date is going to be his last match. He shared that his reasons for retiring is not related to his motivation or condition, but it more so has to do with timing, 

He added that he did not want a long road to retirement. Sakaguchi wants everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. 

At DDT Ultimate Party in November, Sakaguchi’s former tag team partner, Saki Akai, had her retirement match. As a trio Sakaguchi, Akai and Hideki Okatani were in possession of the KO-D and AJPW TV Six-Man Tag Team Championships. 

Sakaguchi is 50 years of age and is in his 11th year as a wrestler. He’s been working with DDT since 2013.