Zack Sabre Jr. cuts scathing promo on Bryan Danielson a week before WrestleDream match

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Zack Sabre Jr. cut one of his trademark promos on Bryan Danielson ahead of their match at AEW WrestleDream next Sunday.

After performing at Sunday’s NJPW Destruction in Kobe event, Sabre spoke to the New Japan World cameras, berating Danielson for using one of his moves to submit Kazuchika Okada at Forbidden Door 2023.

Sabre said that if Danielson does not “kick his f—king head in,” he will end Danielson’s career.

The bout between the two is widely regarded as a dream match between two highly gifted technical wrestlers, although ZSJ cast doubt on whether Danielson has “the tekkers” to beat him.

The pair were set to face off at Forbidden Door 2022, but Danielson picked up an injury.

Zack Sabre Jr’s comments in full:

WrestleDream against the mighty Dragon Bollocks. Seattle October 1st. Sleepless in Seattle? No, no, no, no, darling — submissions in Seattle.

Bryan, if you’re still together in a semblance that a human being should resemble, next Sunday, we put to rest who the best technical wrestler in the world really is. Because you reckon you’ve got the tekkers, Bryan? You reckon you’ve got the tekkers? You can’t even walk in a straight line, mate, without blowing your joints.

Bryan, there’s no way you can beat me because you’ve got no idea what I’m capable of, but I know exactly what you’re capable of. Think it’s cute using one of my own submissions to beat Okada? You think that’s cute, darling, eh?

The audacity to use my own techniques! Well, try that bollocks on me, darling. Try it and you’ll find out.

You’re very fond of a British football chant, aren’t you? “You’re gonna get your f—king head kicked in.” You’re gonna kick my f—king head in, Bryan? You’re gonna kick my f—king head in? Well, you better, mate, you better. Because if you don’t kick my f—king head in, I end your f—king career, dickhead. You’ve got one week, Bryan.