Zeus vacates Osaka Pro Championship after suffering broken nose

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/08/08/zeus-vacates-osaka-pro-championship-after-suffering-broken-nose/

The injury occurred in mid-July. 

In 2021, Osaka Pro Wrestling relaunched with former AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Zeus at the helm as President. He acquired 100 percent of the shares in August of that year

Zeus was reigning as Osaka Pro Champion, but he is relinquishing the belt due to injury. He was scheduled to defend the title against Quiet Storm on August 20th but during a six-person tag on July 17th, Zeus’ nose was broken after taking an elbow from Storm. Replacing Zeus in the now-vacant title match is Osaka Pro Light Heavyweight Champion Tigers Mask. 

A statement from Zeus was provided via the official Osaka Pro website and he said he thought about wrestling on 8/20 but after consulting with a doctor, it was decided that he shouldn’t compete. 

I was thinking about participating in the Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship match on August 20, but after consulting with a doctor yesterday, I decided that I should not compete in the match with an injury and will not participate.

It is very frustrating to have to vacate the Osaka Pro Wrestling Title and miss the shows for a while, but I will make a full recovery soon and give it my all in front of everyone.

Thank you very much for your warm support for Osaka Pro Wrestling.

【8/20アゼリア 大阪プロレス王座決定戦開催!】
決定戦は挑戦が決定していたストームとゼウスの推薦によりタイガースにて行う。#大阪プロレス pic.twitter.com/8aTeMvpbJV

— 大阪プロレス公式 (@osakapro) August 8, 2023

The updated lineup for the 8/20 Osaka Pro event is listed as follows: 

  • Soran Sano vs. ARASHI
  • Kuishinbou Kamen & Ebessan vs. Joichiro Osaka & The Bodyguard
  • Ryuya Matsufusa & Shu Asakawa vs. Yuto Kikuchi & Kazuaki Mihara
  • Takoyakida, Ultimate Spider Jr. & TORU vs. Black Buffalo, Tsubasa & Billy Ken Kid
  • Vacant Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship: Tigers Mask vs. Quiet Storm