Ziggler & Roode moved to Raw, Extreme Rules match set

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/06/22/ziggler-roode-moved-to-raw-extreme-rules-match-set/

In the opening segment of Raw, Dolph Ziggler interrupted Drew McIntyre to announce that he has been traded to Raw alongside Robert Roode while also setting up a match at Extreme Rules.

The trade is the conclusion to the AJ Styles trade that sent Styles to SmackDown for “future considerations” that coincided with Styles’ participation in the Intercontinental title tournament.

Tonight’s episode of Raw was taped last Wednesday at the Performance Center, although Roode was not in attendance and has not appeared on WWE programming since the shutdown began in mid-March.

Ziggler challenged McIntyre to a WWE title match at the Extreme Rules event on Sunday, July 19th, which McIntyre accepted.

Ziggler and Roode had been drafted to SmackDown last October when the latest brand split occurred to coincide with SmackDown launching on Fox.