Zoey Stark reflects on appearance with Shayna Baszler at GCW/Josh Barnett's Bloodsport X

Originally published at Zoey Stark reflects on appearance with Shayna Baszler at GCW/Josh Barnett's Bloodsport X

Stark was impressed by Lindsay Snow and Masha Slamovich. 

One of the events that kicked off the weekend of wrestling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was GCW and Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X

On the card, TNA’s Masha Slamovich clashed with WWE’s Shayna Baszler. Slamovich was accompanied to the ring by Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace and accompanying Baszler to the ring was her tag partner, Zoey Stark. While sitting down with The Ringer Wrestling Show, Stark reflected on that appearance.

It shows that anything is possible, right? (Stark said about Shayna Baszler’s Bloodsport appearance) WWE is willing to work with whoever at this point. Like, Jordynne Grace came to the Royal Rumble, Shayna Baszler getting to do GCW, which what a crazy ending, huh? Shayna showed why she is a badass. People keep sleeping on her and they need to stop doing that because she’s amazing at what she does. So I think after Mania, we’re gonna see some fun things from Shayna and I so it’ll be fun. 

It’s definitely a lot more personal (she said about the environment compared to a WWE TV event). I think the Philly crowd likes to get in your face a little bit more so, you have to kind of remind yourself to not do anything. Like, alright… let me stay back a little bit. 

It’s been such a long time being back around the indies, because that’s where it all started for me. I was an indie wrestler. I traveled and I worked for maybe 10 bucks. A lot of times, a hotdog and a handshake. So it brought back a lot of memories just going through that and it reminds me, it’s like, oh man, I am so blessed and lucky to be where I’m at today. So, everyone backstage was amazing. There were a lot of familiar faces, but as far as the girls that I was kind of looking at, Lindsay is great. I’m sorry, I don’t remember her last name but Lindsay (Snow) or, the girl that Shayna wrestled, Masha (Slamovich). She did an amazing job, she showed out. If there was a match to show out on, that was the match, because we know Nick Khan showed up, you know what I mean? You never know who’s watching you now. Hunter just came out saying he knows who everyone is. Keeping an eye on everyone to see where people are at and how well they’re doing. Can’t just say you’re good anymore. You have to prove it. So, it’s a fun time, it’s exciting. 

Elsewhere during the chat, Stark expressed that she’s game for WWE’s main roster women’s division getting a secondary singles title. 

Yeah, our women’s division right now is big. It’s the biggest it’s ever been. So to add on another title gives us a lot of opportunities I feel. So, it just adds another layer to the women’s division that would be a lot of fun for all of us. We have the Women’s World Championship and then SmackDown has the Women’s Championship and then the Tag Titles, so I feel like… exactly, yeah, they (NXT Women’s Tag Titles) were unified at that point. So it would be a lot of fun to add in that U.S. Title for the women’s or the Intercontinental Title for the women’s. I think it would be well worth it.

The NXT women’s division is getting that secondary title. It was announced at Stand & Deliver that the brand is introducing the Women’s North American Championship

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