2022 FIFA World Cup Live Discussion Thread

If people have a problem with Qatar hosting the world cup then they should be even more upset that the next one is being held in the United States of Corruption.

Canada was disappointing besides the first game against Belgium. They looked very naive at times when defending and trying to create chances.

I watched all of their qualifying matches and friendlies so I was expecting them to surprise people that never watched them play before.

Davies and David played surprisingly bad all tournament. Davies seemed to want to do too much and would just lose the ball. They were nowhere near as good as they have been for their club teams and world cup qualifying macthes.

400 migrants didn’t die building the Stadiums that will be used in the 2026 World Cup.

FIFA and Qatar deserve much more criticism than they are getting. The World Cup should never have been given to them in the first place.


WTF??? How the hell do you lose hundreds of workers for something like this? 1 is too many. Wow!

Yes I have a problem and I’m also not a big fan of Ronaldo, not a great human being. It’s a disgrace how many people have had to die for others viewing pleasure. USA is not perfect but everyone will be welcome and I’d be surprised if a single person dies making the event happen…theres a difference.

I bet it’s 10x that. The stories from there are unreal.

The Middle East doesn’t value migrant workers (usually from India/Pak/Bangladesh etc). They can’t own property and literally if they are in a mall waiting for an elevator the local Arab gets to go in front of them. Just horrible non-value of human life

Davies was coming off an injury as well. Let’s not be too hard on them - scored two goals and hopefully will build on this

I am in utter shock right now. And Grant was just tweeting constantly on the two games just today. He was the one of the best football/soccer reporters out there and helped out with the increasing popularity of the sport here in the U.S. for many years. This is so sad.

“Prominent American journalist Grant Wahl has died in Qatar after collapsing while covering the World Cup, sparking an outpouring of shock and grief across the sports world. He “collapsed” in the press area while covering Friday’s Argentina-Netherlands match, a witness told CNN.”

I hate to pass judgment and be all conspiracy guy here, Grant Wahl was constantly reporting on the ugly side of the World Cup in Qatar and has mysteriously passed away while there. This just doesn’t sound right.

@Alex_Patel This was what he wrote in his Substack blog earlier in the week.

Really hard to tell

There’s a lot of stuff going around right now and we’re seeing a lot of death and morbidity, but mainly and the kids. It seems to be mostly RSV with superimposed Group A strep, which can be quite deadly.

I would assume that’s the most likely cause, or possibly if he had something like Covid, tested negative you can get myocarditis or essentially inflammation of the heart that can cause sudden, cardiac death.

One would think that if he had severe Group A strep or myocarditis he would’ve been feeling well enough to the point that he could have attended the match

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Argentina in full control.

Yup. Dodgy penalty but they deserve this so far. France needs to wake up

This game is absolutely insane. Booker of the Year Tony Khan must have scripted this.


The most sober World Cup is also the drunkest.

This is the greatest game in the history of this beautiful sport. Messi is the GOAT, no more debate needed. I feel so bad for Mbappe tho. Wonderful hat trick and still got on the losing side. Man, penalty shootouts really suck ass man.


Great game, but I hate championships being decided by shootout. I get its just the way it is in soccer and if it was sudden death games could go forever, maybe I’m just conditioned to the way it is in hockey. Regardless, nice to see Messi finally win it all.

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