205 live + NXT Roster

I look at the rosters of NXT + NXT UK and I look at the roster of 205 live. I think that Paul Levesque coud have lots interactions between his shows. The problem of 205 live is that you are limited with just cruiserweights.

I see Lio Rush, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Velveteen, Aleister Black, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunn, etc… I can only imagine the insane matches we could have, especially after having watched the NXT UK shows + the last NXT main event with U Era, Ricochet and Moustache Mountain.

I have watched Lio Rush vs Ricochet for example, and I loved the craziness of the spots.

My scenario would be for NXT to invade the 205 live show.

If a scenario like this would happened, I would have 205 live invade NXT since that’s the crowd that will react to something like that.

Yeah, I feel the same way with some of the matches you could do with a invasion angle but the problem with this is that some of those NXT guys like a ricochet will probably be put on the 205 live brand sooner rather then later so will we see those matches on 205 live eventually.

In the end, all thoses side brand are niche product as none of them are turning a profit for the company. But for fans of Indy style wrestling, you could just mix and match the brand’s and in the end it would make all theses brand better then they are right now and while it won’t translate to more casual fans watching those shows on the network at less, you would get dream matches that you might not be able to get with those rosters.

Yes that’s exactly what I want. There are some many 5 star matches that could be made. I may be dreaming but I would throw in an Ospreay and the Bucks in the mix. Also, I would never put the best NXT talents in the main roster because it is no longer a good way to promote them.