5 Favourite wrestlers

Thought it’d be interesting if we’d share our Top 5 wrestlers and I was thinking of doing 5 of all time and your current favourites.
For me, all time would be:

  1. Brian Pillman as he was my first favourite wrestler when I started watching in 1997, I didn’t see much of him as he sadly passed soon after I started watching but watching his old stuff is still a pleasure.
  2. CM Punk, never the smoothest wrestler but a hell of a story teller and he was probably the reason I remained a wrestling fan in 2004 as I had started to fall off a bit until I found the Wrestling channel and him in ROH.
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura, related to the wrestling channel again as I was immediately drawn to him when New Japan was on. His evolution to that King of Strong Style was incredible and always loved watching him.
  4. Shawn Michaels, one of the greatest workers ever.
  5. Eddie Kingston, he brings a touch of reality to all that he does and is one of my favourite promo guys to listen to.

Me current 5:

  1. Kenny Omega, he is the best bout machine after all.
  2. Marty Scurll, he has one of the best looks as the Villian and his run as Progress champ in 2016 is still one of my favourites.
  3. Jimmy Havoc, he is the reason I got into watching Progress and still love watching his work today. I’m not the biggest deathmatch fan these days but enjoy when Jimmy does them.
  4. Matt Riddle, he overdoes the no selling at times but he’s still a joy to watch and I’ve watched him in some amazing matches.
  5. Jinny, easily my favourite female wrestler. Think she’s a fantastic heel and will only get better as time goes on.

Top 5 All time: my top 5 isn’t based on worked rate but more on what got me attracted to them.

  1. The ultimate warrior: for me growing up and still to this day, he was my favorite wrestler and will always be. HE might not have been the best technical wrestler in the world but i don’t care, the fact is that he had the charisma to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand

  2. Jake ‘‘The Snake’’ roberts: Again this guy was just a awesome promo and he got me hook to the screen everytime he was on.

3… DDP: When he finally got his big push and started the whole people’s champion character in WWE he just got me hook, plus while not a great worker, he was still pretty good.

  1. Sting: When i was a kid, he was a huge fan of face painted wrestlers and Sting was on of them. He’s the first guy i saw when i started watching WCW and again not the greatest wrestler but still able to carry a match if need be.

  2. A.J. lee & Paige: I Couldn’t decide between the 2 because they we’re pretty much the pioneers of what we have today, so i decided to just included them together as 5a & 5b. But had tremendous charisma, both knew that it wasn’t all about the wrestling and more about the story telling and they we’re able to get good long matches in a time that WWE didn’t want to push women’s wrestling as a serious thing.

Honorable mentions: Goldberg, Psycho sid, Lita, hurricane, Demolition, tatanka, roddy piper & Vader: All theses wrestlers at one point or another made me enjoy wrestling but i had to pick only 5 and theses wrestlers didn’t made the final cut.

Top 5 current: This will be similar to the all time list. I’m not picking guys that are necessarily great in ring worker because it’s not my preference and it will mostly be WWE pick since that’S the only promotion i’m watching.

  1. Braun Strowman: He’s probably the best big man in wrestling today and i’m a sucker for those type of wrestlers.

  2. Roman Reigns: Again, i don’t care about how he’S booked or anything, i love what he does in the ring. he goess out there and is able to do a brawling that match exciting and Plus his promo’s have become and i’m giving him props for being able to get comfortable in his main event role will being put all the pressure on him.

  3. AJ Styles: i already was a fan of the guy before he came to WWE because i like what he did in TNA but since he came back from japan he became a even more well rounded performer and he got me even more interested in him.

  4. Seth Rollins: At first i really wasn’t that interesting in him but since they did the shield reunion he kinda found his way and got more comfortable in the babyface role he was given.

  5. Becky Lynch & Ruby Roitt: Again kinda like in my all time list. I just love both women’s right now and because just like AJ Lee And Paige both girls understand that it’s not all about the wrestling but more about the entire package and they have characters that are interesting for me. It sad that they don’t do more with them.

Honorable mention: John Cena, Rosemary, Abyss, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Allie & Ascension: Again same as the other list, theses wrestlers are the reason i’m watching wrestling today but again either because they are semi retired or just don’t attract me as much, they didn’T make the final cut.

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I’ll play!

All time (No particular order):

1: Hulk Hogan: brrrrrotherrrrrrr! When I was getting into wrestling when I was wee, he was the guy.
2: The Undertaker: I was sold from his first gaze at Survivor Series.
3: Bret Hart: his story telling in the ring was superior to most others. There’s a reason many still talk about him fondly to this day and likely beyond.
4: Roddy Piper: he was the king of the “bad guys” and made most shows and programs compelling.
5: Bobby Heenan: I’m going to cheat a bit and add him here. No, I didn’t fawn over him like others on my list but I loved to hate him! He evoked a reaction from me, meaning he did his job better than most!

1: Chris Jericho: my top wrestler of 2017, showing what a wrestler can do at his age, in and out of the ring.
2: AJ Styles: loved his work in TNA and I’m delighted to see him flying high in WWE.
3: Kevin Owens: good in the ring, good in the mic, and usually makes lemonade from lemons.
4: Brian Danielson/Daniel Bryan: not sure if we’ll see the Brian of old but he’s a natural, and has so much natural charisma you gotta like him.
5: Cody (Rhodes): like Danielson, he’s a natural and it shows.

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Every time I make a list like this it changes and I always realize I missed someone. But right now I would say…

All time favorite:

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Triple H
  4. Rob Van Dam
  5. CM Punk

Honorable mentions: John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn

Current Top 5:

  1. Johnny Gargano
  2. Tomasso Ciampa
  3. Kenny Omega
  4. Daniel Bryan
  5. Seth Rollins

Honorable Mentions: AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Charlotte, Cien Almas, Cody

Rowdy Roddy PIPER

My 3 kids are named above

AJ Styles
Steve Austin
Mick Foley
Triple H
Scott Hall