AEW All In card and hype

As we build for All In just a few weeks away I have to say the card is gaping up nicely

Looks to be

MJF vs Cole
Osprey vs Jericho
Omega vs Takeshita
Mox vs OC
Storm vs Shida (or Brit?)
CM Punk vs Ricky Starks

Rumours of another NJPW worker coming (Ishii?)

On paper it looks really great. And the UK crowd will be buzzing. Will be hard to stop two weeks later with All Out

I am actually surprised to hear you say this, because I think so far they have done a disappointing job at building to this. It does not feel like we are going into their biggest event ever to me.

While I would like to see Jericho/Ospreay, I dont know about it for this show.

Omega/Takeshita doest feel big enough for Omega.

Mox/OC is good, but I was hoping for something involving OC/Darby/Swerve.

Storm vs Shida is happening on Dynamite and I just dont see an appealing Womens match with Hayter possibly being gone awhile.

Punk vs Starks was barely good for a Collision. It is totally disappointing for this. I thing it should be Punk vs Jay White.

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There will be a lot of very good matches, and the crowd will dig it. Though I agree that, thus far, the spectacle of the “biggest show ever in the UK” is currently not living up to either the internal and external hype. But there’s still tonight and then four more weeks of TV build to go.

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I agree with the consensus. On paper the show looks like it will be good in ring, but it feels like a B show. I am 100% going to watch, but considering the hype behind this show I was expecting a card that was going to look like the biggest PPV they have ever done.

Tony has already sold that stadium out. It’ll be a good fun show in the crowd will be hot. UK fans are always very boisterous and drinking a lot. You don’t need much to make them happy.

I think it makes more sense to save big stuff like MJF vs Punk for another show to sell seats

I’m still excited for Morgan vs Takeshita with Don involved and Osprey vs Jericho etc.

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There’s a fine line. Most major WWE and AEW shows will do well financially regardless of the card, with a good percentage of tickets sold before a card if announced, or can even really be anticipated. But sometimes you have to treat your majors like majors. (Not saying it’s the right time/place for Punk v MJF, just a general comment.)

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I think you have to look at it two ways. From a “business perspective” sure, what you are saying makes perfect sense. From a “fan” perspective, I was hoping for more out of the show. I wanted something at the Punk vs Omega level, and we just aren’t getting that.

I agree but I think crowd reaction matters. If you book a show in Chicago or Philly with a saavy crowd they can turn on the show if it’s terrible think of summer slam with diesel versus mable.

the UK is very different fans - they barely get any shows, they like to drink a lot and yell and cheer. You could feed them any crap you wanted in reality and they would still love it.

They are the same people that think England is going to bring every World Cup home despite the fact that they are terrible

it’s just a different fan mindset, much less critical of the product much more into drinking and having a good time. In a lot of ways, I wish our crowd some more like the UK people.

It’s sort of similar to the Saudi Arabia shows will fans will probably never turn on the product. they are not as loud as one of the UK crowd, but seem kind of idea…

I don’t see it. Cole and MJF is by far the hottest thing in the company and I think they should win the tag titles and stay together. They need to ride this storyline as long as possible.

Can still do Cole/MJF at All In as friends and have Strong cost Cole the title accidentally (while still wearing the neck brace).

All Out you go with Punk vs MJF and Cole vs Strong.

All In I would add:

Punk and FTR vs House of Black
Omega vs Takeshita
Mox vs Cassidy
Ospreay vs Hangman
Jericho vs Sting (never should have dropped that)
Eddie vs Claudio
Some sort of dumb ladder match for the TNT title with like eight guys
Aussie Open vs Lucha bros vs the bucks
Toni Storm vs Willow
Statlander vs Athena


I actually love their idea of not booking a single match.

Imagine, showing up in the entire card is unknown and it’s one surprise after the other. I think tons of people we would buy this shall be super into it. Such a unique concept.

I really think this is going to be revolutionary.

So a WWE Raw in the attitude era lol.

Yeah but for a PPV. Imagine the intrigue and surprises. Champion waits in ring. Surprise challenger comes out.

warrior vs Honkytonk man vibes for a whole card

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Hey joking side, it worked in the attitude era. I think a show like that would do great. WWE has proved that unpredictability works when fans are used to a very ridged show structure. The problem occurs when the unpredictably is every single week (ie. Vince Russo). For one show, I 100% agree with you as that would be awesome.

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I like the idea (it’s not my money), but you have to pick your spots very carefully. Not just because of ticket sales, but because of how the live crowd could react. There’s a reason why Punk’s “unannounced but not surprise” AEW debut opened the show. When the crowd is allowed to create their own expectations of what’s coming, it’s very hard to meet those expectations and/or keep them in the moment. Especially in the current climate, when the rumors are flying and nearly every surprise return or debut is really a “half surprise”.

I hope the main event/semi-main will be a “Face” MJF vs a “Heel” Adam Cole. Adam Cole’s “Babyface” run is identical to his “Heel” run. Cole should turn “Heel” and create a faction with the Kingdom.

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It’s the Uk they aren’t hard to please. They will cheer.

It’s a one shot - one PPV with zero matches announced.

Stadium already sold, people will buy into this to watch and see.

It’s the perfect time to try this

I would do something more unique.

I would have the match with both of them going in as friends and ending as friends. Just a competition between 2 people. I would have MJF beat Cole, but not have Cole turn on him. But start to set the mindset down the line Cole will turn on him because he can’t beat MJF.

Then at some point when he gets a little more stale, I would have Cole turn on him and attack MJF so that he has an advantage going into another match.

In fact, if you’re going to do punk versus MJF, I would have Cole in his corner and have Cole actually help him win. I would have Cole only turn on him when he thinks he can rematch MJF for the title.

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Well now it’s getting serious

MJF vs Cole
Bucks vs FTR
Cm Punk vs Joe


Takeshita vs Omega
Jericho vs Osprey
Britt vs Shida
Mox vs OC

This is going to be levels above Summerslam


In ring of course, big AEW shows almost always feature better in ring work. I still argue it doesn’t feel like the biggest AEW show in history. Summerslam is WWE’s #3 of the year and it felt as such, this is supposed to be the biggest show AEW has ever done, and it doesnt feel that way to me.

Personally I love the main event but sadly a lot of fans can’t get over Adam Cole’s size. I think that is stupid for the record, but you see that on social media and even here on Post sometimes. Either way, I love this main event and think its perfect so I won’t criticize this one.

Punk vs Joe feels big. I am looking forward to this match a lot. I would rather see Omega vs Punk, but at the same time its probably best not to rush that. This should be a great great match.

Buck vs FTR will be fantastic. On a tag front you probably can’t get much bigger then this.

Takeshita vs Omega…I’m sure it will be a great match, but I just dont care that much about Takeshita. With that said, maybe this match will make me care a bit more. I get using Omega to elevate someone else, but I would rather see him in a Giant match (ie. Punk, Bryan Osprey etc.)

Jericho vs Osprey will be good, but I’d rather see Osprey in there with someone who can match his athleticism. Him vs Bryan (I know he’s hurt) or Omega would feel more like an All in Match to me.

Britt for Shida should be good.

Mox vs OC…Im the wrong person to ask as I know I’m in the minority on this on, Ill just say I’m glad Mox is lower on the card.

Either way, I’m ordering this show and Punk vs Joe definitely bumped it up on the “big feel show”. I think I’m just holding it to a very high expectation as it should be the biggest show in the history of the company. For the record, if this was any other show, I wouldn’t be making any of these critiques. It will be a great show.

Goodness me, people are really still uptight about the size of a wrestler? It’s not 1987 anymore.

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