AEW All Out taking place September 3rd from United Center in Chicago

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All Out is confirmed. 

As AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door was underway, it was officially announced that AEW is running multiple shows in Chicago on the lead up to the All Out pay-per-view. 

The festivities start with Dynamite and Rampage on August 30th at the NOW Arena. On Saturday, September 2nd, Collision is emanating from the United Center and the company will be back in that building on September 3rd for All Out. 

-Wednesday, August 30th: AEWDynamite & #AEWRampage at the NOW Arena!
-Saturday Sept 2nd: #AEWCollision at the United Center
-Sunday Sept 3rd: #AEW ALL OUT at the United Center!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 26, 2023

Days before All Out, AEW is going to be in London, England for their All In event at Wembley Stadium

Either Megha wasn’t lying, or her saying All Out would happen a week after All In London forced their hand.

Maybe I should be posting this in the “75% of the board will disagree thread” but I’m so over AEW going to Chicago. I was pumped for AEW to do a show in Toronto, its super cool they are doing a show in the UK, but I feel like the bloom is off the rose at this point with Chicago. It made sense for Punks debut, but I’d much rather see them somewhere else.


Yeah, after Double or Nothing, I expressed how I wished Double or Nothing and All Out would go beyond Las Vegas and Chicago respectively.


Well, TK has always been for tradition. Lol

Yup done with Chicago. And they didn’t even sell out the Punk return. Not sure the appetite for the audience there being as high given size of UC.

It also is a bit of a hindrance to travel - I’ve been to Chicago for a show and I don’t really see myself going back there again and again. A new city with a fresh crowd and vibe would be better


I mean… A week earlier there will be 80K fans in London enjoying their first AEW show.


For sure. But it just seems like it’s heavily biased towards Chicago. Probably because of Punk but still would be nice if they spread it around more.

I’m not sure they’re gonna keep filling the united centre to be honest it was how hot Toronto in London are you figure there’s more cities that would be good. You don’t see WWE running the same city for a pay-per-view every year.

I wish Tony did that rather than this tradition nonsense to be honest, he’s copying a company that went out of business doing that

WWE doesn’t do the exact same event in the same city every year. But they do have a few cities that get rotated so they do have PPV’s every single year. For example, WWE held a PPV in Chicago every year for five years in a row.

So both companies have a habit of going to the same cities over and over again. While there are many areas of North America that have not had a PPV from any company in several years. Obviously there is a profitability reason for this and they have a lot of data and analytics saying that these are hotbeds that will buy tickets at a higher price point. Regardless of the quality of the audience.

Theres no reason to not have a tradition of running a big show on the same weekend in the same city each year. But they need to not run the same city 10 other times in that year.


I’m sure a bunch of people will travel in for ALL OUT weekend but they are oversaturating Chicago. You know they’re going back there in November for the US Thanksgiving like they did the past few years.

Im just here in Chicago telling y’all to stick it while I enjoy the best wrestling coming to my city every time. :laughing: jk @kliq @Alex_Patel


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I like Chicago but I can’t keep going back there. Only so many times I can afford Alinea for the wife :joy:

Agree it’s fine to run it for the same show once or twice a year. But they go there like every two months


Why did I think you lived in the UK :sweat_smile:

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Yes, nothing else refers to the Windy City like the United Kingdom. :joy:


Well we’re now getting All Out and THEN some more. Woohoo!


“Why do they keep going to Chicago?”

This is why. Show out like this and you will be awarded.

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I’m fairness, all out would likely sell out anywhere.

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That looks way worse than Toronto lol

Hard to pull off when you’ve got one buffer episode between PPVs.

Not knocking their ambition.