AEW DARK REPORT: The Apple of QT Marshall's Eye

Originally published at AEW DARK REPORT: The Apple of QT Marshall's Eye

AEW Dark Episode 36

June 2nd, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Excalibur and Taz

John Skyler vs Billy/ Austin Gunn

Before the match starts Billy gives the referee a hug and Austin Gunn is on the outside chanting very loudly. Billy gets Skyler in a Wrist Lock and Spanks him, which Austin finds hilarious. Skyler comes to the outside and threatens Austin. Skyler goes for a Leapfrog and Billy mocks him for barely jumping off the mat. Skyler hits a Slingshot Spear and goes for a pin but Billy kicks out immediately. Billy goes for a Powerbomb but Austin tells him not to hit that. Billy goes for the Fameasser but gets met with a Superkick. Billy comes back and hits the Fameasser for the win.

Billy defeats John Skyler via Pinfall in 3 mins 39 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This match was nothing more than a squash match and a way to put over Austin Gunn’s personality, which comes across as very annoying. I don’t dislike the idea of having the Gunn’s perform regularly on Dark though as Billy is a recognizable face and it’s a good way for younger talent to work with a veteran.

Alex Marvez Interviews The Natural Nightmares

Alex Marvez points out that QT Marshall isn’t there yet but Dustin and Brandi promise that he’s on his way and will be there soon. Marvel tells them that they are ranked Number 2 in the Tag Team Division. QT Marshall and Allie show up in a Corvette. Marshall says that he just bought the car as Allie said that someone of his magnitude needs to be driving a nice car. Dustin says that he’s looking out for his heart. Brandi says that the hair implants have got to his brain and he is going through a midlife crisis. QT Marshall thinks nothing of it and gets back in the car and drives off with Allie.

Davie’s thoughts: I like that we get some story development saved for Dark and The Natural Nightmares are perfect for this as I don’t necessarily want to see them every week on Dynamite. I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing where the QT/Allie story goes from here.

Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo vs The Butcher & The Blade

As the bell rings The Butcher & The Blade jump the bell to attack Cruz & Alonzo. The Butcher hits an Assisted Legdrop across the throat of Cruz and follows up with three Gutbusters. Alonzo gets tagged in and Butcher hits a big Cross Chop right away. Butcher and Blade hit a double team move to Alonzo and Blade breaks his own pin so that he can continue with more punishment. The Butcher hits a Vertical Suplex to the knees of Blade for the win.

The Butcher & The Blade defeat Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo via Pinfall in 5 mins 20 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This is The Butcher & The Blade’s first match since being off TV since the start of the pandemic. Both looked in pretty good shape and completely dominated this match. It’s worth noting that Allie was not out with them but is still on their entrance video.

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon Interview

The interviewer says that there is controversy over whose feet hit the mat first in last week’s Battle Royal but it doesn’t matter because they both lost. Avalon and Cutler start arguing over who is the worst wrestler in AEW. Leva Bates says that they both have a negative record but two negatives equal a positive and therefore they should team together.

Christi Jaynes vs KiLynn King

Jaynes knocks down King and starts to dance. King comes back and knocks Jaynes down with a Shoulder Tackle and dances herself. Jaynes locks in an Armbar and Taz starts to explain how Jaynes could get out of the hold. Jaynes gets King into the corner and hits repeated Stomps. King comes back with a series of kicks, a German Suplex and a Cutter. King goes for the pin but Jaynes counters it into a Cradle and grabs the trunks to pick up the win.

Christi Jaynes defeats KiLynn King via Pinfall in 3 mins 40 secs

Davie’s thoughts: I was actually quite excited to see this match as we’ve seen both these women impress as enhancement talent over the last few weeks. However, I didn’t think it really delivered. It seemed a little slow and sloppy at times. Jaynes definitely tried to get her personality across and I can imagine seeing her more in the coming weeks. The AEW women’s division really needs some more seasoned performers though.

EJ Lewis & Big Game Leroy vs Santana & Ortiz

Big Game Leroy continues to play the Switch after the bell has rung. Santana immediately kicks the Switch out of Leroy’s hands and Enziguri’s him out of the ring. Lewis gets tagged in and Santana and Ortiz take it in turns to beat down on him. Ortiz hits a really impressive looking Saito Suplex and a big Clothesline. Ortiz gets Lewis in the Gory Special and tags in Santana who delivers Chops to the chest as he is still in the submission. Santana continues to hit some really stiff looking kicks and slaps to Lewis. Lewis fires up and makes a bit of a comeback but runs into a Superkick. Ortiz hits Lewis with a Michinoku Driver, which Santana follows up with a Lionsault and makes a cocky cover. Santana and Ortiz hit the Dream Sweeper for the win.

Santana & Ortiz defeat EJ Lewis & Big Game Leroy in 5 mins 9 secs

Davie’s thoughts: Very easy win from Santana & Ortiz. They came and they worked pretty stiff against Lewis and Leroy and displayed some really impressive tag moves. I’ve seen Big Game Leroy on Evolve and his gimmick with the Switch is pretty fun to watch. Imagine, Orange Cassidy but instead of wrestling with hands in the pocket, he plays the Switch throughout the match. It was a shame that he didn’t get to showcase that but with Santana and Ortiz being a main event act it made sense for it to be a dominant squash match.

Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon vs The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall w/ Brandi Rhodes)

Allie enters with QT Marshall and joins Excalibur and Taz on commentary. She compliments QT on his shape and says that he has started a vegan diet. Throughout the whole match, she continues to compliment QT Marshall. QT hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex and looks over at Allie to see if she is impressed. As the referee is distracted Leva Bates grabs the ankle of Marshall as he is running the ropes. As Marshall confronts Bates, Avalon follows up with a Tope Suicida. Brandon Cutler shouts “no cheating” at his teammates. Meanwhile, Allie is criticizing Dustin for not tagging in and helping QT and Brandi for not cheering enough. Cutler hits a Senton Atomico and goes for the pin but Dustin breaks it up. Dustin makes the tag and takes out both Cutler and Avalon with Powerslams. Avalon hits Double Knees to the back of Dustin and Cutler follows up with a Springboard Elbow Drop for a two count. Leva Bates gets into the ring and gets into the face of Dustin. Brandi enters and hits her with the Stunner. Dustin hits a Canadian Destroyer and Marshall follows up with the QT Cutter for the win

The Natural Nightmares defeat Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon via Pinfall in 7 mins 39 secs

After the match, Alex Marvel interviews The Natural Nightmares. Dustin says that he couldn’t have done it without Brandi Rhodes. QT says “Yeah, I couldn’t have done it without her” as he leaves with Allie and calls her the “apple of his eye”.

Davie’s thoughts: The main story of the match was between QT Marshall and Allie. I see this story going for a while and driving a wedge between QT and Dustin. I also wonder if this could possibly be set-up and leads to a feud with The Butcher and the Blade.

Overall, I preferred this show to last week’s. I like having a story that runs throughout the show as it makes it feel a bit more rewarding watching it. A 45-minute show is also a lot more digestible than 90mins, especially when pretty much all the matches are squashes. I would appreciate having the main event of Dark being a bit more substantial to make the show more worth watching. For me, Taz and Excalibur on commentary are some of the highlights of the show. Both are extremely knowledgable and Taz’s coach-like analysis is really refreshing.

4 QT Apples Out of 10

I agree with you Davie. Both are very green. Very safe match. I’m following the women’s matches on AEW, I hope it evolves into something great one day. It is not good at the moment.