AEW Dynamite falls to lowest numbers in over a year, #2 on cable

It wasn’t the easiest Dynamite to watch. Some great segments, the Hair vs. hair match, the Wardlaw segment I felt gave him some of his fire back after a bad pivot from the MJF program. Moxley’s promo and the video Package with Tanahashi was great. Osprey vs. Harwood was a match to remember. Jurassic Express vs. The Bucks was good, and a bit much. I love heel Christian. Miro vs. Page was also good, he’s such a star, I really want more promos and him filling out his in-ring intensity with rounded character work. Ethan Page runs the risk of being such a
Good mid to low card heel for babies to hurdle, that he risks getting stuck there. I think there’s a lot more in him, he and Scorpio Sky don’t need Dan Lambert. Anthony Agogo, Marina Shafir, RedDragon, and Layla Hirsch need a Dan Lambert.

BUT, the Women’s division still feels like an after-thought. And are painfully wedging Britt Baker in the championship scene, minimizing both the world and TBS championship time. Chris Jericho’s interruption of the Moxley and Tanahashi segment was confusing over-booking. And kinda made the opening seem less impactful by trotting out more Jericho… Tanahashi and Moxley should have been left to their own devices. And maybe give Tanahashi a pre-recorded promo with captions to let him offer his side of the feud is more than just “shut up Jericho.”

The Adam Page, Adam Cole, and Jay White segments were confusing. Seems like a lead-up to a three-way match.

Okada not being booked maybe doesn’t mean he won’t be on the show… Maybe he comes out at Forbidden Door and calls out Danielson or Punk down the road. Maybe he calls out Moxley.

The All-Atlantic Championship seems pointless unless it is intended to be defended in other promotions, and build profile and relationships globally.

Honestly, if AEW had more than a passing interest in women’s wrestling, they would have introduced womens tag titles.

Surprised about the rating given the Jeff Hardy story and young bucks ladder match, but aside from good wrestling which we’re spoiled with every single week, the shows have been a mess. I’m supposed tobe going to Forbidden Door and I’m not even that excited. That Jericho 6 man tag is so disappointing and screams “get everyone on the card!”. Just book Suzuki vs Kingston.

FB needs Zack vs Bryan, Kingston vs Suzuki and Okada or something big.

No Okada would kill this. I can’t believe they are bungling this.

They neeed Bryan and Kingston calling out those guys. They needed a Rainmaker Tease - he’s not the champ so have him cut a video and the rainmaker music play and dollar bills fall while he challenges someone like Omega and then says since no Omega he challenges Adam Cole, Hangman, Jericho, Darby, JB…anyone

Like make this more than a crappy crossover

Yo we are so fckn spoiled to complain about New Japan & AEW (formerly doing business as the best Independent talent in the world) & AAA & ROH & RevPro all being wound up into one massive venue 4 years after All In :crazy_face: