AEW Dynamite Report: Guevara defends TNT title, CM Punk confronts MJF

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AEW Dynamite

November 17th, 2021

By: John Siino

Chartway Arena in Norfolk, VA

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Kenny Omega is Going Away

Show starts with The Elite backstage where Kenny Omega said he hasn’t even watched the match back with Hangman Page and people are already asking when the rematch is happening. He’s disgusting, not at Page as he congratulates him and says there’s things he needs to change but not here as he needs to go away and asks the rest of the Elite if they can hold down the fort. Adam Cole responds saying he definitely will, but Omega says he was talking to the Young Bucks, not him, as they all walk away a bit confused.

National Cowboy Shit Day

The Entire Dark Order is in the ring with balloons as John Silver introduces the new AEW World Champion, Hangman Adam Page. Page comes out to a big reaction with a ‘Virginia is for lovers’ t-shirt as the ring has cowboy-themed props around it. The crowd chants ‘Cowboy shit’ and ‘you deserve it’ as Page embraces the Dark Order. Page stops them and says he doesn’t deserve it, he f’n earned it. Page says he usually doesn’t speak his mind, but now he’s the champion and can do what he wants. Page says the audience is his boss, so if his boss allows it, he would love to celebrate National Cowboy Shit Day with all of them. Page understands this title holds a big responsibility and that responsibility next is the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson as Danielson makes his way to the ring.

Danielson says he came out to essentially say one thing; congratulations Hangman Adam Page they shake hands. Danielson says he’s excited to face the World Champion but is surprised and disappointed that it’s not Kenny Omega. Page bites back saying unfortunately he is the champion, and he was able to beat Omega in less than 30 minutes as the crowd chants ‘Cowboy Shit’ again. Danielson said he didn’t come out there to start any beef but to be fair he isn’t going to wrestle someone who is going to dress as a Ghostbuster for Halloween and Cowboy Shit doesn’t involve talking your gums but actually wrestling. Danielson cuts a bit of a heel promo saying when he won the title at WrestleMania, he wrestled the next day, and of course Virginia boos hard work. Page says he doesn’t see why they can’t just do that match here in Virginia, as Danielson asks if they want to see that match tonight, and as they say yes, Danielson says normally he’d be up for it, and he’s ready to wrestle while Page has cowboy boots on, jeans and a horrible leather jacket on. Danielson said everybody told him when he got there that Page has a long list of excuses on why he failed his entire career, so he doesn’t want to give Page another excuse that he wasn’t ready when he beats him for the championship. Page says I guess they won’t have the match tonight, and even though Virginia is for lovers, he’ll still fight. Danielson and Page start having a push exchange, as the Dark Order breaks them apart. Danielson says Page can have all his little friends stop him, as Page doesn’t really want to fight right now as the crowd chants ‘let them fight’. Danielson says the Dark Order knows he’ll kick his ass and won’t let him go, as Page breaks through and Danielson escapes to the outside.

Bryan Danielson vs. Evil Uno

Danielson takes Uno down right away and puts on a half Crab and tells Aubrey Edwards that he’s got until five. They trade shoulder tackles until Uno takes him down and rolls him up for a 2 count. Uno chops Danielson, as Danielson comes back with a slap and a kick to the chest, before putting him in the corner where he hits more kicks and chops. Danielson heels up the crowd more, going for a one-foot cover and teasing the fans. Danielson keeps kicking Uno in the corner reminding Aubrey again that he has until five. Uno hits a hurricanrana and a neckbreaker for a two-count. Danielson comes back with a spinning backfist as he smacks Uno asking if he wants to disrespect him before hitting a pair of dropkicks in the corner. Danielson goes for a third one but runs into a boot by Uno who goes to the top rope and hits a senton as Danielson puts his knees up. Danielson hits the Busaiku knee but tells the audience he’s not down with him as he starts stomping Uno’s head right into the Triangle sleeper hold as Uno submits and takes a bit of time releasing it after.

Winner: Bryan Danielson by submission at 6:23

The Dark Order Hunter

Tony Schiavone joins the ring and says the fans are letting Danielson hear it for his actions tonight. Danielson says he came out here to congratulate Hangman Adam Page and because of his behavior he ended up kicking Uno’s head in. And until he fights Page for the AEW World Championship, he’s going to take every member of the Dark Order and kick their heads in and next week in Chicago and says if Colt Cabana has got any nuts, he’s going to kick his head in.

The Best Right Hand

We went to MJF last Saturday who says he has so much to say, and he isn’t covered in Darby Allin’s paint but his shame. And all he heard about how great all these other wrestlers are, but he made all of them look like idiots and proved that he has more than just ‘the stick’. MJF mentions he doesn’t know what’s going on in his knee and only his brain, and while the fans hate his guts, they had no choice but to admit just how damn good MJF really is and he just beat Darby with a headlock takeover and he’s really excited to go to Norfolk, VA as he does the title belt motion. Who knows what’ next for the man with the best right hand in professional wrestling, he’s better than you and you have no choice but to admit it now.

Yonkers vs. Buffalo

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Eddie Kingston, but 2.0 and Daniel Garcia interrupt him and say they are sick and tired of hearing Kingston complaining and says the sad story is Kingston didn’t last as long as Garcia did. Kingston gets in Garcia’s face and says why would he let 2.0 call him his son and knows he’s from Buffalo and if he wants to face each other they can. Kingston begs for one promo where he doesn’t get interrupted and says he’s going to catering.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Matt Hardy & The Bunny) vs. CHAOS (Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii) (w/ Rocky Romero)

Ishii starts the match with The Butcher, but he quickly tags out to The Blade who easily gets taken down with one shot from Ishii who tags in Cassidy. Cassidy hits his splash for a one count. The Blade gets in Ishii’s face as Cassidy does his kicks, flip and dropkick with his hands in his pockets. The Blade ends up on the outside as he blind tags the Butcher who takes down Cassidy with a suplex. The Blade throws Cassidy to the outside where he’s attacked by the Bunny and Matt Hardy as they go to commercial.

When we come back, The Butcher and the Blade are still attacking Cassidy, but Cassidy escapes out and tags in Ishii. Ishii shoulder tackles down Blade and starts chopping him in the corner before hitting a backdrop suplex for a two count. The Butcher tags in as the crowd gets behind him and Ishii goes face-to-face. They start trading forearms, but Butcher clotheslines Ishii into the corner and delivers hard chops. Ishii starts to eat those chops and gives Butcher a stone cold face and backs him up into the other corner. Ishii puts Butcher on the top rope and hits a superplex, goes for the cover, but Blade breaks it up. Cassidy tags in and tries to hit a cross body but gets caught. Cassidy kicks Butcher outside, hits a DDT on Blade and gets a two count. Matt Hardy starts yelling at Cassidy to distract him, as the Butcher & the Blade hit Drag the Lake. Ishii breaks up the pin, drags Cassidy to him to tag himself in, and takes Blade out of the ring. Ishii starts chopping Butcher in the corner as Matt Hardy and the Bunny both get on the apron to distract Ishii. Ishii takes Butcher out with a German suplex, Blade tries to use the brass knuckles but gets stopped by Rocky Romero on the outside. As Romero and Matt Hardy are tussling on the outside, Orange Cassidy takes them out with a cross body off the top rope. Inside, Ishii hits a lariat and brainbuster on Blade for the pin.

Winners: CHAOS (Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii) by pinfall at 11:19

I’m Not Jose

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Andrade El Idolo, FTR, Tully Blanchard and Jose the Assistant. Andrade says he is a better wrestler than both PAC and Cody Rhodes, and now he will show them his bad side. Cash Wheeler says if PAC and Cody want to get involved, they can get Malakai Black and make it an 8-man tag. Tully Blanchard calls out Arn Anderson and says he’s not Jose, he’s got one more in him.

Spotlighting the Future

We get a quick video from Tay Conti who says next time he gets a title shot she’ll be champion. Tony Schiavone is backstage with Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Jamie Hayter, and Rebel and Baker says she’s tired of taking all the spotlight and is now giving the spotlight to the future and the next TBS Champion, Jamie Hayter. Schiavone mentions Thunder Rosa being a tough task, but Baker mentions it not being an issue.

TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Hikaru Shida

They mention how Shida is at 51 wins while Rose is at 50 as they start brawling right as the bell rings. Shida knees Rose in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Rose ends up on the outside to regroup with Vickie as the crowd is fully behind Shida. Shida goes to chase her out, but Rose goes back inside. As Shida runs back in, Rose clips her knee and chokes her out with her boot. Rose keeps Shida down by choking her on the ropes, as Vickie chokes out Shida with the Kendo stick with a distracted referee. Rose works on the knee of Shida and throws her into the corner as the crowd tells Vickie to shut up. On the outside, Shida whips Rose into the barricade and grab a chair from under the ring. As Shida turns her back to yell in the camera, Rose attacks her and puts Shida down on the chair. Rose hits a diving senton, but Shida moves as Rose crashes into the chair breaking it apart. Vickie tries to hit Shida with the Kendo stick, but Shida takes it away as Vickie trips and gets hit with it. Shida goes on the top rope, but Rose tosses her off as they go to commercial.

When we come back, we see Serena Deeb who came out of the crowd, clipping Shida’s knee while the referee is distracted. Rose hits her flying knee off the top of Shida for a two-count. Rose tries to go for the Beast Bomb, but Shida counters it with an armbar. Rose lifts her up and hits the powerbomb to break it up, followed by a senton on Shida’s knee. Rose goes to the top, but misses the senton, as Shida goes for the pin and gets a two. Shida goes for her Kitana, but Rose counters it with a Stretch Muffler as Shida submits.

Winner: Nyla Rose by submission at 11:05, to advance

The Definition of a Nightmare

We go to a video from Malakai Black who speaks about the definition of a nightmare and says in Chicago he will leave Cody Rhodes, PAC, and the Lucha Brothers gasping for air, telling them to take deep breaths while oxygen is still on their side.

When Maxwell Met Phil

MJF comes out with Shawn Spears and Wardlow, as he tries to speak, he says he can’t deal with this and passes the mic to Spears. Spears says he can beat any of your heroes with a headlock takeover and would appreciate silence at this time. MJF thanks him for trying and says even though he will try to explain to this crowd, he knows it will get over their head. MJF calls himself in the ring and to the mic, the most complete professional wrestler on this planet, and will start a bidding war in the year 2024. MJF calls himself the past, the present, and future of wrestling, and moreover, if he wanted to he could take their hometown horse to the glue factory and take a ‘cowboy shit’ on his title reign. The rankings don’t tell you the truth and that is that he deserves to be the next AEW World Champion because nobody in that locker room is on his level. This triggers CM Punk to come out.

CM Punk goes face to face with MJF as the crowd chants ‘holy shit’. MJF tells the crowd to not do that, so they chant ‘shut the fuck up’ to him. MJF introduces himself as Maxwell and goes to shake Punk’s hand. Punk turns his back, laughs, and leaves the ring as commentary states Punk knows how to push MJF’s buttons.

I Like Turtles

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Darby Allin and says they called his match with MJF, the Match of the Night even though it didn’t go his way. Allin says he isn’t taking a break and wants to face the biggest and baddest. The Gunn Club walks in, and Billy Gunn says he accepts, Colten tells Darby not to forget his skateboard and Austin says ‘I like turtles’, mocking Darby’s lock to the old meme.

Undisputed Reunion

We go backstage to Adam Cole and the Young Bucks, where Cole says Full Gear was the worst night of his career and they are sick and tired of Christian Cage and the Jurassic Express. Cole says Matt and Nick aren’t cleared, but in two nights’ time it’ll be Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus against himself and his best friend, Bobby Fish. Fish comes in and says enough is enough and let’s put an end to this Jurassic joke.

Dante Martin & Lio Rush vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Max Caster’s freestyle mentions Dante having more partners than Pete Davidson and tells him to put some bass in his voice. Caster then says Rush is better off being a manager and says it’s funny they are in Virginia and both of his opponents are virgins. As Bowens is doing his shtick, Rush and Martin dive onto them on the outside. Martin and Rush double team Bowens as Rush gets a two count. Martin tags in and stomps to the elbow of Bowens. As Martin was running the ropes, Caster trips him and pulls him to the outside as The Acclaimed hits a double suplex before tossing Martin back in. Caster comes in and mounts Martin with punches as he teases the crowd. Martin tries to make a comeback, but The Acclaimed keep him in their corner. Caster continues on the attack as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Martin leaps over both of The Acclaimed backs as he tags in Rush. Rush quickly goes on the attack, knocking Caster off the apron and hitting Bowens with rapid-fire chops and an ax kick for a two count. Rush goes to the top but misses the Frog Splash. All four men come in and start fighting, as Caster dodges Martin’s moonsault. Martin comes back with a springboard dropkick to Bowens as all four men are now down. Caster takes Rush down with a lariat, followed by the Mic Drop, but Martin breaks up the pin attempt from Bowens. Martin hits his Nosedive moonsault, followed by the Frog Splash by Lio Rush on Bowens for the pin and the win.

Winners: Dante Martin & Lio Rush by pinfall at 10:31

Team Taz makes their way out as Taz congratulates Martin and Rush for their win. Taz says it’s great to see Rush back at work and gives his condolences to him. Taz mentions some people are uncomfortable that they offered Martin a contract last week, but Rush is a businessman and should understand it as it’s not personal, and all business. Ricky Starks says they are very patient and will wait, like they did with Powerhouse Hobbs who marks his one-year anniversary tomorrow. Starks tells Martin the deal is if he chooses to go with Team Taz that’s the start of a hall of fame career or he can stay with Rush for a mediocre one and ends saying the choice is his.

Never Bring a Fish to a Fist Fight

We go to Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus who say Full Gear was one of the most rewarding nights of his career. Cage mentions the expression to ‘never bring a Fish to a fist fight’. Jungle Boy says the scruff might be off his face, but his heart is still there and accepts their challenge

AEW Rampage on Friday

· Billy Gunn vs. Darby Allin

· TBS Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet

· Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

AEW Dynamite Next Week

· Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana

· TBS Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter

· Cody Rhodes, PAC & Lucha Brothers vs. Andrade, Malakai Black & FTR

Lucha Brothers cut a promo backstage where Alex Abrahantes tells FTR to stop their crying and they suck so bad they couldn’t even get the job done. Rey Fenix says next week they have something special for them in the 8-man tag team match because they are the best four-man team in the universe.

AEW TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal cuts a promo saying that nobody has ever won the title in the open challenge but tonight that changes as he will make history. Tony Nese is seen sitting ringside watching again. Guevara’s ribs are tied up as they quickly go at it, trading pin attempts before standing and having a face-off as the crowd cheers on. Lethal comes back with a hip toss and dropkick for one. Lethal goes on the attack of the injured ribs by dropping them on his knees for another pin attempt. Guevara stops Lethal from trying to dive onto him with a knee and ends up diving onto Lethal outside instead. Back inside, Guevara goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Lethal puts his knees up as they go to commercial.

As we come back, Guevara is being looked at because of his ribs but he pushes Doc Sampson off and says he’s ready to go. Guevara pushes Lethal off as they start going at it. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection, but Guevara blocks it and hits a Spanish Fly, but his injured ribs cause him to take too long, as Lethal rolls to the outside. Lethal tosses Guevara to the outside tries to dive onto him, but Guevara catches him and hits a brainbuster on the outside. They start brawling by the timekeeper table, as Guevara places Lethal on it, goes to the top rope, but misses the senton going into the table. Back inside, Lethal goes to the top rope for the elbow drop, but Guevara reverses it into a pin for a two. They trade off a couple more moves until Lethal puts on the Figure Four. Lethal tries to put an abdominal stretch on, but Guevara gets out, tries to lift up Lethal but fails to. Guevara hits a couple knees to the face and is able to finally lift up Lethal for the GTH for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara by pinfall at 12:52, to retain

After the match, Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz come out to congratulate Guevara as he shakes hands with Jay Lethal.