AEW Full Gear Predictions

Full Gear is looking pretty awesome in my opinion so I thought a predictions thread may be fun. What do you all think?

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  1. MJF and ??? vs the Gunns (whos the mystery partner)

  2. Hikaru Shida vs Toni Storm

  3. Sting, Dary and Copeland (w.Ric Flair) vs Cage, Luchasaurus, Wayne

  4. Orange Cassidy vs Jon Moxley

  5. Page vs Strickland

  6. The Golden Jets vs The Young Bucks

  7. Statlander vs Sky Blue vs Julia Hart

  8. Starks & Bill vs La Faccion vs FTR vs House of Black

  9. MJF vs Jay White

and who’s the Big New Signing

I think the buildup for Full Gear has been pretty good and expect the matches themselves to be excellent like most AEW PPV’s. But I’ve got family plans this weekend so won’t be watching.

  1. The Gunns win the ROH tag titles.
  2. Toni Storm wins the AEW women’s championship.
  3. Cage, Luchasurus and Wayne beat Darby, Sting and Copeland.
  4. Orange Cassidy retains the International title
  5. Hangman Page
  6. Young Bucks win by cheating
  7. Statlander retains the TBS championship
  8. Starks & Bill retain the Tag titles
  9. MJF retains the AEW championship
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I’m hoping the Gunn’s win. Maybe after Joe destroys MJF making the main event seem less predictable.

Shida to win as storm maybe needs the chase for now.

Cage and the gang to win as Flair turns on sting.

Cassidy to retain

Young bucks win

Julia Hart wins

La Faccion to win

MJF retains

It’s gonna be an awesome PPV….but I probably won’t get to watch until Wednesday so please no spoilers

Will Osprey debuts

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I think Swerve needs the win and push him to the title picture now. But I fear they will do the opposite.

Julia Hart should also go over.

Golden Jets over the Bucks, Cassidy over Mox and MJF retains everything

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I think Hangman could win here, with Swerve winning the C2, to launch him into 2024. Both looking strong to end the year.

Just confirmed Osprey in LA

Such a big win for Swerve and now he needs to be pushed to the title ASAP. Incredible performance by both him and Hangman.

Nice to see Hart win, but that should have happened at the last PPV.

A great show overall and the tag ladder match (which I had zero interest in before) really overdelivered. I just wasn’t a big fan of the main event.

Let MJF finish his thing with Joe and everybody else. Then Swerve / MJF at Revolution seems like a big main event for what will probably be a loaded card.

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I can see MJF and Swerve and the Jets in a tag match

Would love to see the finals of the G1 tourney maybe as wlel

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