AEW to air weekly on Wednesday nights from 8-10 pm ET

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All Elite Wrestling and TNT have made it official that the upstart wrestling promotion will broadcast weekly on Wednesday nights.

A press release was issued confirming the rumored timeslot of 8-10 pm Eastern each Wednesday, beginning on October 2nd with a show from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

The television series will be touring weekly and ticket information for the debut show will be provided next Monday at Noon Eastern on AEW’s social media platforms.

AEW launched this past January and held their inaugural event at the sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in May. Subsequent shows have taken place from Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month. Their next show is scheduled for Saturday, August 31st from the Sears Centre in Chicago.

A trailer was released in conjunction with Wednesday’s announcement:

Thankful it’s 8-10 and not 9-11

Going head-to-head (at least in part, depending on timezone) with the National League Wild Card Game. So I guess the first rating won’t count anyway?


LOL wut? Who watches baseball? Baseball does terrible ratings, where have you been?

That could be a tougher head-to-head than you think, especially if the Cubs are in that game.

Really depends who’s in the game, baseball is a much more regional thing than nationally.

That week Raw goes up against MNF Steelers vs Bengals. And Friday Night Smackdown will also be against baseball. You will never find a night where there isn’t some sought of competition on.

But it will be totally fair to compare AEW’s ratings to Raw and Smackdown.

Soooooo, is it just me or is anyone wondering where they are running week 2, and 3, and 4, and what their Live schedule consists of in terms of venues and on-sales.

So it’s not called Dynamite…good.

Can someone tell me why I should take the media coverage seriously if they’re breaking out into applause during the presser? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a “no no”.

I would imagine that once they get past All Out, they’ll start announcing more in terms of their venues for TV.

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So will WWE put something on against it. I reckon there will be a NXT Takeover or a live special that they will claim to be the same as a Takeover.

Like they said that Super Showdown was like WrestleMania

Against all out? NXT UK has a takeover the same day.

Or their premier? I doubt it too much focus on Smackdown on fox around the same time.