AEW's Trent provides update on recovery from neck fusion surgery, unsure of when he's returning

Originally published at AEW's Trent provides update on recovery from neck fusion surgery

Trent provides an update on his recovery from neck fusion surgery.

Over the summer, Trent underwent neck fusion surgery just several months after he returned from a torn pectoral injury that sidelined him in December 2020.

Best Friends (Trent, Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor) sat down with Brandon F. Walker on his ‘Rasslin podcast and Trent provided an update on how he’s feeling since the surgery. He’s unsure of when he’ll be returning to the ring. He said it’s not a case of needing to rehab, but he’s waiting for his bones to grow together.

I don’t know because it’s just like, there’s not even rehab to do. It’s just waiting for my bones to grow together.

I just gotta wait for my bones to grow together though, you know what I mean? They put the plates in and they take the discs out and then in-between they put — he said it’s like a crushed coral. I don’t understand why it’s not just floating around but — it’s something like that and then the bone grows into where the crush coral — I think it’s like a little disc thing with the coral in it. It’s not actually coral. They drill the sh*t in and then they just — there was only the metal keeping my neck together after surgery.

Trent had sleep apnea, which is when one’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts. He shared that he had so much bone growth that his discs were crushed and his bones started to fuse together.

I think that my sleep apnea was gone.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Trent and Chuck Taylor were asked about some of the highlights from their AEW run of their time in AEW so far.

Trent: I think so, yeah . I’m talking about the arc thing. I’m not claiming we had the best match.

Taylor: Yeah, between that and the Arcade fight that we had when you came back. That was probably our two crowning achievements.

Trent: The parking lot was a lot of fun.

Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero are teaming up on tonight’s AEW Dynamite at UBS Arena. They’ll be taking on The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

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