After the Bell Podcast

Has anyone listened to WWE’s After the Bell podcast? Curious if it’s worth a listen or not??

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Dont waste your time. Bayley’s interview is in character. Flair is what you’d expect from any interview. Rollins is basic rehashing of some of his twitter stuff, nothing groundbreaking. HHH was basic NXT talk and music talk.

There were a couple Kenny Omega, AEW references in there to make it seem like anything can be talked about, but again, it was nothing groundbreaking.

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I got what Rollins was saying let them hate each other. I get what he’s going for. He called out Cody, Sasha and Karl Anderson for always showing off how much money they have but he got heat for it on his Twitter exchange with Ospreay, here’s the problem with that fake or not he’s The Top Guy. LeBron James is not going to tweet about how great he is. Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady whoever won’t do that. He’s the top guy he can’t do it

I didn’t plan on listening to episode 2 but I saw the preview for Rewind A Dynamite said they would talk about Corey so I assume it’s about episode 2. So here we go, I worked in sports radio and follow wrestling news and especially in the age of Twitter it’s important to distinguish the credibility of Sean Ross Sapp, and Wade Keller to Brad Sheppard same with Adam Schefter and Woj to some dude from Legion hoops. I’ve noticed that there is a problem of lumping in Sheppard with the credible reporters, if you read the credible reporters you heard how responsible they were in not jumping to conclusions on why they were stuck. As a matter of fact I was listening to the masked man podcast on the Ringer and the host read Post Wrestling’s recap of events. It’s so shitty for Corey and others to dismiss everybody reporting on wrestling as “Dirt Sheet writers”

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I thought graves was telling the truth about Vince McMahon leaving early and a few other things. However I felt his dismissiveness about talent complaining about being left behind was stupid, rude and completely missed the point. Just because Randy Orton didn’t publicly speak out, doesn’t mean he wasn’t pissed, just have a look at his likes on Twitter.

I am surprised Graves can do this podcast while his tongue is so deep in Vince’s butt crack.

It’s just a bad idea for podcast. WWE is like 5 years too late to the game and are offering something completely lame. Zero interest in listening to this.

I just loaded up on new podcasts in anticipation of a business trip this week. Figured I would give this one a shot, not starting from the beginning but just subscribed and downloaded the most recent (Nov. 27) edition.

I thought it was a decent and easy listen. It walks the kayfabe tightrope in a weird way that doesn’t really make sense if you put too much thought into it. But I enjoyed the interviews. Will keep it on my iTunes but probably on my “I’ll survive if I don’t get to it” list most weeks.