Too bad the OC is not working
Too bad AJ has been used poorly for a while
Too bad AJ signed that long contract
Too bad if we ever get AJ in AEW I am guessing it will be as a part timer
Having said all that, good for him and his family. He got paid and has slot of respect from management, even though he is not in the Big Boy title picture. Management still has a title on him which is good.

Didn’t he resign with WWE last a few months ago ? He made his choice

How has AJ been used poorly? The OC is a bit bland but he’s still been getting tons of TV time, putting on decent matches and hasn’t been forced into ridiculous feuds or terrible booking. I think he’s one of the few lucky ones who has been used well consistently. His entire run, from debut to now, has been good to great (by WWE standards) and it was a no brainer for him to sign a new contract and likely retire in WWE.

Gallows and Anderson on the other hand…


I prefaced, albeit towards the end of my post.
I just like him always being in title contention. The Big One. You make a good point how he has been used well pertaining to WWE standards. I am being a greedy Smark.

He’s been used well.

Even Nakamura - for all the comments about his misuse the man won the RR his first year and had a run with AJ including at WM. Those matches were highly disappointing. That’s not on the WWE. They gave him a chance. He would rather surf then care about having a killer match anymore

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AJ is where he belongs, with a tonne of great feuds and matches already and I’m sure many more to come. Gets paid very well and there must be a reason he re-signed.

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My issue with Nakamura is that they keep putting titles on him then having those titles disappear from TV and killing the title.

Yeah but but to be fair do the IC or US title even matter at all before he got them? They are worthless titles

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They did matter though. When Cena has the IS title, when Rollins was IC champ it felt important. Taking a title off TV makes it even less important as it gives the message that they cannot even be bothered to have it defended.

Cena yes but that was years ago. Seth I didn’t feel like elevated the IC title.

I wish they ditched all these secondary belts. Made one TV Title that was defended on All three shows shows by one champ

I am a genius!

Defend IC Title every week
Defend US Title every week
Create a TV Title for NXT and defend it every week

Problems solved.

At WrestleMania have all TV Champions battle in a Triple Threat for a Trophy and bragging rights

No one gets used well in the WWE. AJ’s 2016 was so great because he was fresh off NJPW and still one of the best in the world, was wrestling the 2 top guys in Roman and Cena for 5 months, and then was the key figure of SD when there was actual good writing going on.

He’s not wrestling top guys, so whatever story he’s in is gonna be even worse and less focused on. And he’s slowed down in the ring, so his matches can’t overcome the stories as well as they used to.

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