All Elite Wrestling featured in the Financial Times

AEW was featured in an article published today on the - the online version of the Financial Times. I am not sure if this article will or is appearing in the print version, but having worked in both Media and Finance, the FT is one of the most top regarded business publications in the world (think Wall Street Journal, but more international, more sophisticated in many ways). While the average wrestling fan may not see this article, it is a great and balanced coverage featuring the company in a positive light, while also noting some set-backs. There is some notes on production costs, as well as ratings.

No doubt this should help with advertisers. Some interesting quotes from Shad Kahn as well, who I believe rarely speaks publicly about AEW.

Link Below, although it may prompt you to sign up for a subscription. Don’t. Instead just search All Elite Wrestling + Financial Times in google and you should be able to click through somewhere after a few tries.

All Elite Wrestling enters the ring for WWE tussle

Some good quotes from Shad:

“Tony’s always been a big wrestling fan. A few years ago he said it was the perfect time to start a wrestling organisation. I thought the odds were very much against us,” said Shahid Khan, owner of English Premier League football club Fulham and the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. “As a parent, this is one of those times you’re glad you were totally wrong.”

With regards to WWE using NXT to counter-program:
“It’s interesting that the old established competitor is now counter-programming us,” said Shahid. “It’s great, they’re helping to grow the audience which is what it’s all about. We want to create a bigger pie and get a piece of it.”