All In on Slammiversary

I’m finally going to do it…give Impact Wrestling my hard earned money. After listening to the past couple of Impact PPV reviews ( Thanks John & Nate!) I’ve decided it’s worth a shot. Am I an idiot?


But Impact has nothing to gain with putting on subpar shows so what the hell. Anybody else feeling the same out there?


I won’t be purchasing, but it’s the first show I’ve considered in years. I really like what they’ve been doing lately.

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Bless you.
I’m still scarred by the Jeff Hardy Wrestling while Intoxicated match. I know it’s been years and entire new cast of people there but having seen that live, I can never take that company seriously.

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The last Impact PPV I purchased was the first one! So fingers crossed it’ll be entertaining.

I’d get it if it was $20 but $40 is a little steep for me for that product. I’d like to watch their weekly show but I have a heck of a time figuring out how to make it work on Twitch. Would LOVE if they were like MLW and just had it available on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy the show!

They’re on a good run on ppv, and have earned some credibility with me. I’ve bought the show, even if i can’t actually watch it till Monday evening.