All In/Out where better than WM nights 1/2

I never thought I would be saying this, but all in/all out, we’re better than wrestlemania nights one and two

that ended on such a downer with Cody losing and this both nights were bangers.

Hats off to AEW. Addition by subtraction


That’s a fine opinion, but I disagree with the premise that they are comparable. One is a “two-night event“ and the other is two events in two different places (continents, in fact) with a week of build in between. It’s OK to let WWE and AEW be two different things.


It’s probably the closest comparison will have those two events so close together. And it wasn’t like storylines at one built to the other. It felt like two separate events similar to wrestlemania. I don’t know it just felt that wrestlemania was not at all on the level of this

I give the edge to Mania because of the Zane/Owens-Uso match. No match all year has gotten me as emotionally engaged as that match. MJF/Cole was somewhat close, but that felt more like a middle chapter of a story opposed to a blow off.

In fairness, I didn’t watch All Out.

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OC vs Mox was better than that tag match IMHO


I doubt it would be for me, I’m not a fan of Mox’s in ring style.

Mox is to me what the Bucks are (or were) to you.


…then why respond to this thread??

Personally, I think All In / All Out was better, but I didn’t watch Mania.



Because I watched 3 of the 4 shows, and based on how I felt about the Mania tag match, and knowing what was on the card last night, I am 100% sure it wouldn’t change my opinion. My feelings on the Owens/Zayn match were based on an emotional connection to the match, not the moves.

Seriously, its like walking around on egg shells sometimes.

How is me answering in this thread despite watching 3/4 shows and reading a recap any different then you answering in the wrestler of the year thread despite seeing nothing from the other national promotion?

Although I’m not a WWE person in any capacity, I only watch the PLEs, so I have seen all these shows on question lol although I thought WrestleMania was a great WWE show, even then it’s way more Saturday then Sunday. All In was very good, better than Sunday Mania, and All Out verged on show of the year to me, where none of Mania peaked that high to me.


I can’t talk about All Out because I haven’t seen it yet but I would go

  1. WrestleMania Night One
  2. All In
  3. WrestleMania Night Two

Exactly how I rank the three and from what I’ve read All Out would likely be ranked #3 or #4 which is why I leaned towards mania because of that tag Match. I’ll watch it tonight so I’ll confirm later.

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all out was better than all in for an in ring product


So, you’ve said for a long time that you arent into Mox, but I’m interested in this comparison between the 2 main events.

What is it about the Tag match, that sets it apart from this Mox match(I know you havent seen it) other than the story leading into that tag match and story elements during it?

In my opinion, while I do like The Usos, they are a way way lesser version of the Young Bucks. They hit way more superkicks in their matches than the Bucks do and have very little other offensive moves to their game. Their finisher the Uso Splash(the one where both of them do the splash) is one of the shittiest and ugliest looking moves in all of wrestling, where one of them barely touches the opponent every time.

Mox, while I can understand someone not liking the “death match” stuff, has a wide variety of offense outside of that.

You’re totally entitled to whatever opinion you have, just interested in your response to this.

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By all means, please continue the lively discussion. Just back on this because I am curious if anybody agrees with me…

Other than natural desire to compare, where is the comparison here? Guys didnt work both nights at a two-night Wrestlemania. You can’t get a hometown pop for both a dude from England and a dude from Chicago (bad example, but that was the plan) at a two-night Wrestlemania. Regardless of how they count attendance, WWE was booking a two-night show for basically the same live crowd. AEW was booking a show at Wembley, a week of TV, and a show in Chicago.

I think both nights of Mania, All In, and what I have seen thus far of All Out (about half) all went pretty well.


I know what you were saying. I guess for me this seems to be the biggest week in AEW history. We have a week with two shows that are closely tied together. I was just saying I think it’s the closest comparison to WM to make, and I thought it was far superior

I’d argue the removal of CM Punk is a bigger deal than anything to do with All Out. It’s the start of AEW 2.0 (3.0?)

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Very fair question, I will answer in detail later when I get to my computer (I hate writing out long responses from my phone lol).

Agreed. All Out was nothing “historically” other than the first show without Punk*. Not a knock on show quality, but a fact. All In, however, was a massive historical event. Even if/when that record gets broken, it will still be a huge historical event.

But even still, the most important/remembered event from this week won’t be 80,000 at Wembley, it will be the (likely) end of CM Punk in AEW.

  • Unless you’re a huge CJ Perry fan.

When I watch wrestling its very rare that I feel a strong emotional reaction in the way that I’m intended to feel (ie. not including being annoyed due to bad booking). I can count on one hand how many times a year I feel this way. To be specific I mean being so in to a match that my palms are sweaty, my heart is beating fast, and I have pit in my stomach because I want the someone to win (think the way you probably feel during a playoff hockey game). To use All In as an example, the mid card had many matches where the in-ring was amazing, but it didnt make me feel to that level (not trying to take anything away), however Cole vs MJF, I felt that feeling, and outside of the tag match at Mania that is probably the most I have been into a match all year. I’m only using All In for recent context to describe exactly what I mean, I’m not trying to make this about All In.

Back to the Mania tag match. If we watched wrestling with no volume on, didn’t watch any build, and were gauging a match purely based on in-ring moves, of course the tag match was not the best of the year. However, when you factor in build, emotional attachment, match quality etc. for me there was no wrestling match that came close outside of MJF/Cole that made me feel that way. Now in the case of Cole vs MJF, I thought the finish was the right finish but I didnt get to feel that satisfying feeling in the end in the same way as the tag match as Cole didnt win and that match felt more like a middle chapter while the tag match felt like the final chapter. If I’m being honest as well, the day of Mania Night one I had a death in my immediate family, and that night I was down in the dumps, I skipped Mania that night but watched that one watch because I couldnt sleep and for at least 30min it made me feel better and take my mind of it. Could that have created some bias in my reaction…maybe, I dont know.

As for the Bucks vs Uso’s, in ring I agree Bucks are better as I am a huge fan of the Bucks. I made that one comment about the Bucks earlier in the thread but that was referring to @Alex_Patel’s feeling of the Bucks as I was comparing his past feeling of the Bucks to my feeling of Mox, I was not saying I feel that way. I don’t agree the Uso’s are a shittier version of the Bucks, I just think both teams are great. I think in 2021 I said Bucks vs Lucha Bros was my match of the year. I would love to see them face off, too bad WWE/AEW will likely never do a forbidden door between the two of them.

As for the Uso’s splash, lol I agree. It doesn’t take me out of the match because at least one of them do typically hit, but ya it does look a bit silly when the other Uso essentially splashes the opponents ankles.

Now I haven’t watched Mox vs Orange Cassidy yet so it is a bit hard to answer your question 100% accurately and when I do watch I will answer in more detail. What I think the answer is going to be is that I just don’t care about Mox because he doesn’t evoke an emotional response from me as his in-ring style is hard for me to get into, and while his character is over like crazy to the AEW fan base, I’m personally not as high on it. I’m not a big fan of death matches, but also that’s not really the reason why I am just not into him. I can say the reasons, but my concern is that certain posters will have an issue with them and I am going to repeat the same conversations that I had 2 years ago in other threads. With that said, if you want to know I will say them. I fully acknowledge that I am in the minority with my Mox take and I don’t think its a bad idea for AEW to push him, he’s just not for me in this incarnation.

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Really? You never thought an AEW show would be better than a WWE show? AEW PPV’s are often considered the best shows of the year by fans, industry insiders, critics, etc.

While for the last 10 years WrestleMania isn’t usually even considered WWE’s best show. WM is the biggest show every year without a doubt. But it usually has bloated cards, celebrity involvements, late ending times and disappointing booking that keep those shows from being considered the “best” show each year. SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and sometimes random PPV’s like MITB are ranker higher in any given year.

I think you can turn this question around and say what an incredible job WWE did in early 2023 building up to a WrestleMania that’s even in the discussion with hardcore fans as being the best show of the year! We really are in a golden age of pro-wrestling. Just appreciate it.

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